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PvE balance druid severely lacking dps

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Hey there,

So my problem is, my dps severely lacking. I’ve got 553 ilevel right now and i should be doing close to 300k, but i barely do 200k dps. i think i gemmed and reforged (1,300 haste, then all out on crit) right. I got my rotations tight, know where to nuke, where to hold on for my solar eclipse etc, still i do piss poor dps and i can’t find where i go wrong.

I start the fight in solar eclipse, pop my cd's and spam wrath+ starsurges, when i get shooting stars procs. When i go into lunar eclipse, i pop starfall, refresh my dots and spam starfire with starsurges. Whenever i get eclipse, i refresh my respective DoT first, even if there's alot of time left on it, (solar-sunfire, lunar-moonfire) to get op ticks. On a fight, where there are several targers (Protectors etc) i always multidot, to get loads of procs. 

The rotation is pretty simple for me, yet i do really low dps, and i really have no idea what do i do wrong, maybe my talents are not the best, or there are some major glyphs that increase bookin dps by alot, or maybe there's some kind of secret i need to know? I have no idea

My profile: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/argent-dawn/Anato/simple
My Logs for couple of SoO raids:




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Are you using Incarnation? I checked your logs on multiple fights and didn't see it (maybe I missed it though). SotF is what you logged out with. If you aren't using Inc, you should switch to it. Its the talent of choice in that tier for SoO as most encounters are multi-target or have lots of adds. I also only see one use of Celestial Alignment during the entirety of the raid on Aug 4. 


Nature's Vigil is a good talent, if your 10 man needs extra help with healing. If you're in a large group however, HotW is better. And its DPS increase is passive so it makes it very easy.


Other than that, your DoT uptime is a bit low (87-90%), not horrible but could use some attention. Shoot for 95%. Its not always possible as Nature's Grace uptime is more important and we don't want to spend too many globals on DoTs as that can extend our cycle time. Which also means don't go too crazy with multidotting. You can only use so many SS procs anyway.


When you use the Solar opener, you basically only do enough damage to get all your procs up then pop Inc and CA (even if you still have 80 Solar energy), refresh DoTs, hit Starfall and spam Starsurge/Starfire. Refresh your DoTs right before CA ends. Pay attention to when CA ends as you need to switch to Wrath to move towards Lunar. 


Your gear is fine. There aren't any gamechanging glyphs for us either unfortunately. (Pick up Stampede and Stampeding Roar though to help out the group, Rebirth is a good one too)


That's what I see that's obvious. Maybe some better boomkins here can help you with more in-depth insight. :)

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I can only agree with Krosys. You should definitely take Incarnation and HoTW. Incarnation is self explanatory, and HoTW provides roughly 6% aditional dps (well, its int but still) at all times without any effort. Plus it is great healing CD, HoTW + tranq is lifesaving combo. 

Other than that I could only suggest you to start with lunar eclipse. This may be bad of me, but I can't start with solar. I feel like I'm losing a shitload of damage (damage, not dps). My lunar opener looks like this:


Precast Inc+pot 2secs before pull (everything else will go as soon as gcd ends)



solar dot

lunar dot

Starsurge if proced, if not - starfire

When @ 0 lunar power use CA and put dot with last sec of meta gem proc

Continue with starsurge/starfire.

Refresh dots just as CA ends (or if you're lucky to get second meta gem proc - as meta gem proc ends).


I found this opener slow, but efficient. While being lowest dps on the pull, I usually end up first (if I don't mess up, or fight mechanics doesnt interrupt me). 

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Okay, a few things looking at your Malkorok (sorry, new job has eaten 90% of my life the last two weeks):


#1: Please provide us with Warcraft Logs reports instead of World of Logs. WoL is completely out of date, poorly written, and unable to provide all of the information necessary to thoroughly examining logs (or even to provide what little information it can in a user-friendly way).


#2: Incarnation for every fight. HotW for every fight where you're not having to stop and interrupt your DPS. Any fight where you can't DPS continuously (Galakras, Immerseus) you use NV. If your 10-man needs extra healing, tell your healers to stop gemming spirit and start healing better, or tell your raid to use their health stones. There really isn't a good reason for you to take an inferior talent for DPS because your healers don't have big enough cajones.


#3: Any DoT uptime under 95% is Needs Improvement. Anything under 90% is Needs Lots Of Improvement. Yours are 89% and 79%.  When you're down at 79%, I start wondering if you have any sort of DoT timer. If you don't, you need to get one. If you do, you need to put it somewhere you can see it better.


#4: Nature's Grace uptime at your gear level should absolutely not be below 80% on your worst fights, yet yours is 75%. You're wasting a lot of time not cycling Eclipses. Your best parses are going to be the ones where you push close to or above 90% NG uptime after a phenomenal opener.


#5: Speaking of, don't use a lunar opener. Use a proper solar opener.  Lunar is absolutely inferior to the solar opener on almost every fight, where the few exceptions are very advanced level playing where you start min/maxing to the smallest designs of the encounter. Basically, until you no longer need us to look at your logs, you should be using the solar opener. The opener is a HUGE portion of your damage in the fight, so you need to get it right! The last time I was playing boomkin heavily, my opener was usually 40% of my damage in the first 30 seconds of a 4-minute fight. Almost half of the damage I would do in the entire fight, I did in the first eighth of it. There is maybe one other spec in the game with an opener that can match boomkin. If you're not far and away the top DPS in the first few seconds, you're doing something wrong.


Before the pull, set yourself into Solar Eclipse (not one cast away -- actually in solar eclipse). At ~2.5 seconds before the pull, cast Incarnation, then Pot + Starfall, then on the pull you're casting Moonfire and popping CA (and any other cooldowns), Starsurge, and then spamming Starsurge as it procs or Starfire with no procs. Shortly before everything expires (or for you, right at the 10-stack of Black Blood if you can get it), refresh Moonfire. Refresh Starfall as often as it falls off -- you should have three in your opener.


#6: Okay, this is just bad. Use your cooldowns. You never once used Celestial Alignment. You're literally trying to do poor DPS here. I literally don't even know what to say. In fact, that's just going to end this entire analysis.

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