New priest player seeking deck feedback

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Thanks for stopping by.

Whilst on the lookout for a new game to sink my teeth into, Hearthstone sparked my interest. So far, I've been trying out a Priest deck which I thoroughly enjoy playing, but it definitely has its pitfalls.

Which is pretty much a euphemism for saying that I've kept to the middle-ground for far too long, and am now completely stuck as to figuring out which path the deck should stick to.

Whether you are an experienced player, table-smashing card-igniter, or just a casual passer-by: feel free to comment - advice or constructive feedback of any sort would be greatly appreciated.

If you care to have a look at it, here's the gear I'm currently flying:

Circle of Healing (x2)
Shield Bearer (x2)
Inner Fire (x2)
Northshire Cleric (x2)
Power Word: Shield (x2)
Sunfury Protector (x2)
Divine Spirit (x2)
Shadow Word: Pain (x2)
Shadow Word: Death
Mogu'Shan Warden
Lightspawn (x2)
Auchenai Soulpriest (x2)
Mass Dispel
Gurubashi Berserker (x2)
Holy Nova
Temple Enforcer (x2)
Maexxna/Mind Control


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