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[Frost/Arcane] Dps evaluation

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Just curious what i'm doing wrong, how my CD usage is, etc.

Main spec is frost, playing around with arcane on a couple bosses(first time playing arcane on these bosses in normal/Heroic mode).









I have a pretty big issue with not wasting BF procs(especially bad on shamans  unsure.png  ) so any tips on minimizing that would be great as well. I know on some of the fights my uptimes are a bit low(norushen, sha esp) but I will be bringing that up asap.

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From what I can see, you're playing pretty well, with a few little things like bomb uptime and proc usage holding you back a little. I'm no expert in Arcane, but your performance on Protectors looked pretty spot on, though your RoP uptime should be a little higher, ideally. I'm sure one of our mage experts could probably look deeper into precise CD timing and little things, but you're on the right track, and you know you have some things to work on, so just keep plugging away :)

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