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13 man groups = 3 healers?

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If I missed a search result, I apologize.


In WOD, if you're running 13-15 in a normal or heroic setting is it going to require 3 healers? I guess typically you'd say yes but I am not in the beta and not sure.


Also I'm curious what the minimum item level will be to actually hit up a normal or heroic raid, if that is a thing yet?

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Personally I can't say yet because everything is scaled up in the dungeons and raids atm.  At the moment 13 does sound like a good starting point for 3 healers in the Heroic Versions at the iLVL they have it set at but we won't have that static scaled number in December.  Once live comes around it will be the same way this tier and all before it started....  you'll need less healers the higher the experience and iLVL.

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I would say a good general rule of thumb is 1 healer for every 5 raid members, rounded up. So 13 would be the cutoff for having 3 healers. Ofc, as people gain experience and ilvl, you can go down to 2 healers for that size group.

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