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Wrath Classic Zone Preview: Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord

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An official preview of both Northrend starting zones coming in Wrath Classic.

You can choose between two starting zones in Wrath Classic — Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord. Find out more about the zones in Blizzard's official preview.

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Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord? With two starting zones to choose from, which one should you choose? You don’t have to choose just one. Both offer a fair amount of glorious adventuring for heroes of the Alliance and Horde. There are local factions for you to help, enemies to thwart, quests to be completed, achievements to be attained, and you can do them all.

Borean Tundra (68 – 72)

Located in the southwest corner of Northrend, Borean Tundra is primarily a large, flat glacial zone devoid of vegetation, with small areas of rimy grass and rock. To the north of this sprawling land is Coldarra, an intimidating fortress of ice and stone tucked in a pocket protected by ragged arctic cliffs.

The Horde and Alliance both have strongholds in this zone, and there are zeppelins and boats to get you where you need to go.

How to get here:

  • From Orgrimmar, players can take the zeppelin just outside the main gate to Warsong Hold.
  • Players can hop on the boat from Stormwind harbor to Valiance Keep from Stormwind City.
Warsong Hold

An impregnable fortress that is a testament to the Horde’s tenacity takes center stage. Heroes of the Horde who have flown here from afar will begin their journey through Northrend from this stronghold after diminishing the Nerubian numbers that plague it.

Valiance Keep

This Alliance stronghold is under constant turmoil as the Lich King’s army continues to lay siege. From this keep, our Alliance champions who have landed in Northrend face the first of their challenges—defense against a Nerubian threat.


The tuskarr are prominent throughout Northrend, with their capital city of Kaskala located in the eastern part of the Borean Tundra. Kaskala is available to both the Horde and Alliance, and players will be tasked with helping the Kalu’ak tuskarr.

As you adventure and explore, you’ll meet other friends and foes along the way. Some of these are the blue dragonflight, the Drakkari tribe of ice trolls, the Undead Scourge, and the taunka, ancient relatives of the tauren.

Howling Fjord (68 – 72)

The Howling Fjord is in the southeastern part of Northrend and is home to the vrykul of Utgarde Keep. It hosts a coastline of treacherous cliffs, dark forests, open plains, and tree-covered outcroppings.

This zone is ripe with territorial disputes, and players will be tasked with aiding its denizens.

How to get there:

  • Heroes of the Horde can take the zeppelin from Tirisfal Glades, just outside the Undercity, to Vengeance Landing.
  • From Menethil Harbor, on the western shores of the swamp-covered Wetlands, heroes of the Alliance can take the boat to Valgarde.
New Agamand

Sylvanas and the Forsaken stand ready with the makings of a new plague, prepared to strike the Lich King; their staging ground is New Agamand. This is the beginning of the journey through Northrend for the Horde heroes who have landed here. They’ll be tasked with assisting the plague development efforts designed to bring an end to the Lich King.

Valgarde Keep

Despite attacks from the vrykul from land and sky, Valgarde Keep maintains a heavily fortified staging ground for the Alliance. Courageous Alliance heroes will be challenged to help learn more about the aggressive vrykul and why they have returned after being dormant for so long.


The vrykul, an ancient race of half-giants, are the primary inhabitants of the Howling Fjord. Their architecture can be seen throughout the zone as they built their civilization. As you journey, you’ll come face to face with this once forgotten race, along with other denizens of this region.

Getting Around

There are plenty of flight paths, but why fly when you can hop on the shell of a colossal, carrot-loving turtle? These massive, water-bound turtles ferry riders between Unu’pe in Borean Tundra to Moa’ki Harbor in Dragonblight.

From Moa’ki Harbor, players can get a connecting turtle taxi to Kamagua in Howling Fjord if they choose. Remember to grab the flight paths whenever possible—sometimes, taking a turtle is slow-going.

Everything You Need, Almost

In each major hub, there is enough to get players what they need without continually traveling back and forth between the main capital cities. Most of what you’ll want can be accessed in Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord:

  • Expedition Quartermaster
  • Flightpaths
  • Innkeeper
  • Mailbox
  • Reagents and Supplies
  • Stable Master
  • Trade Goods
  • Trainers

If you need to get to the Auction House or Bank, hop on a boat or zeppelin for a quick trip back to your capital city, and don’t forget to speak to an Innkeeper and set your Hearthstone before you go.

We’re excited to bring this classic adventure to you, so don’t forget to sign up for the beta. And, for the latest information and updates, keep checking WorldofWarcraft.com/news and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

See you in Northrend!

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