Which bosses did you liked most as warlock? Tell your top 15

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Top 15

1º Lich King, teleport for Valkirnas were awesome! "You can't throw me off the ledge"

2º Minimiron " Don't press the red button"

3º Iliddan " You aren't prepared"!

4º Professor Putricide, phase 3 was just epic, all room flooded.

5º Faction Champions, PVP on PVE scenario? humm.. nice.. Fears and multi-dot all the way down, without being target that were CC.

6º Elemetium Monstosity

7º Battle Chest, a different feeling.

8º Blood Queen Lana´thel " wanna become a vampire, come fight against me"

9ºRagnaros, " u have feets" /nod, don't forget teleport if you blow traps, or or you d....i...e.

10º Kael'thas

11º Ignis the Furnace... nothing so especial but I didn't why but I <3 this fight *shrug*

12º Assembly of Iron. " dwarf disguise?".

13º Sindragosa, let's hide and free your peeps

14º Warlord Zon'ozz , let's bring 25 healers for this fight at hc without nerfs Posted Image

15ºAtramedes, blind drake = he loves sound, GONG IT!

I start with top 10 but I could not leave out some bosses, it was an injustice Posted Image

I was very exciting writing this, but you can always opt to do a top 5 or top 10, not big deal.

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