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[Ret] Need help with ret CM gear

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Me and some guildies have been attempting challenge modes lately and i was wondering if anyone knew of a site that has a list of the best in slot gear for a ret paladin. If not then any help with gemming, trinkets and all other gear is very much appreciated.

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Inphy <3 


Ok first off you want gems. lots and lots of gems.and as many haste/mastery pieces as you can get. If you don't have engi, it's worth the time to level it if you're serious about it (it also helps with PG to have engi) the plate str goggles are bis. As for specific pieces. 


Helm: Reinforced Retinal Armor 

Neck: Necklace of the Terra-cotta Vanquisher

Shoulder: Tusks of Mannoroth > Darkfallen Shoulderplates 

Cape: Legendary

Chest: T16 Chest

Wrist: Caustic Spike Bracers with Hast >Bubble-Burst Bracers = Bonded Soul Bracers/Frozen Warlord's Bracers (choose if you want hit or exp) 

Hands: Corruption-Rotted Gauntlets

Belt: Demolisher's Reinforced Belt

Legs: Legplates of Unthinking Strife

Boots: Impaling Treads

Rings: Any Siege Ring Except Sorrow Path Signet (Pref Asgorothian Blood Seal+ Seal of the Forgotten Kings)

Trinks: Xuen DMF Trinket > Spark of the Zandalar > Evil Eye of Galakras > Darkmist Vortex



How to Obtain


Helm: Eng 550

Shoulders: Garrosh Normal or Heroic (REALLY RARE) > Fallen Protectors - Both SoO

Neck: Trash drop in ToT or can come in LFR bags (relatively common)

Cape: Obvious

Chest: Sha of Pride - SoO

Wrists: Durumu > Immerseus = Gara'jal the Spiritbinder/Horridon - ToT > SoO = MSV/ToT

Hands: Immerseus - SoO

Belt: Iron Juggernaut - SoO

Legs: Garrosh - SoO

Boots: Wind Lord Mel'Jarak - HoF

Rings: Siegecrafter Blackfuse = Kor'kron Dark Shaman = Thok the Bloodthirsty = Spoils of Pandaria (Siegecrafter Blackfuse + Spoils of Pandaria) - All SoO

Trinkets: Darkmoon Faire Tiger Deck > Horridon > Galakras > Lei Shi - Darkmoon Faire World Event > ToT > SoO > ToES

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I'll agree with the 489, because I forgot about it, but the reason behind EE is because it does reduce CDs, which is a big deal, it might not be a super large reduction, but it is still helpful in CMs. And Skeer's is crit which isn't as useful as CD recovery reduction.


As for gemming which I didn't mention because I had to get to bed.


Gem Exp+Hast gems and Hit + Haste Gems until you reach hit/exp cap, at that point you have 2 choices.


Gem for pure Str. This will make bosses be your strong point, where you'll build less hp, you will be hitting harder.


Gem for Haste. The opposite of Str, building more hp quicker will make trash packs better for you.


Meta gem should be the Str crit effect gem.


Realized I forgot the weapon: Either Greatsword of Frozen Hells with the Eye of the Black Prince, or Garrosh BoA 2h Axe

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Thanks for the replies, its very much appreciated biggrin.png


just looked at the gear i have atm and i think i have most of it, ill leave my armory link of the gear i have below and hopefully you could give some feedback.




p.s i know that it needs to be properly gemmed etc smile.png OH i nearly forgot, Conquest <3

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I thought the legendary gems were all disabled for CMs. Is there a reason why you shouldn't use a legendary gem? Seems like 500 primary would be FAR too good to throw away.

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All legendary gems, items, and all tier set bonuses are not active during CMs or PGs the reason for that is to level the playing field for all those who haven't done the quest line (though the cape gives and obvious advantage.

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