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[General] Which spec has the most DPS?

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I know all 3 specs are supposed to have around the same DPS. I noticed that in RaidBots, Arcane seems to be doing the most DPS followed by fire then frost.




The same thing is reflected in worldoflogs. This only happens in heroic mode though. Is it because the fights are too short? Or does Arcane yield a higher DPS at very high ilvls of gear?

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In my experience with mage in SoO, the spec with the best dps is the one YOU play the best. Arcane is easy to do well, but much harder to do excellently. Additionally, it scales pretty well. Heroic level mages with BiS or near-BiS gear have the haste and mastery to make Arcane shine, and the skill to play it to the fullest. That being said, I, or any of the much better mages out there, can do comparable dps in any of the 3 specs.

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