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[Arcane] Please nitpick my logs to the max.

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So I'm still pretty new to Mage, boosted it a couple months ago but only seriously started playing Arcane quite recently, having dabbled in Fire and not really enjoyed it.


Some things I already noticed were bomb uptime was quite bad on some fights (malkorok especially, but that was a poorly executed pull in general), as well as my cooldown usage was questionable.


A few times I didn't use Alter Time when I could have because I was unsure how long the fight would last, and wanted to wait for a trinket, but then used it anyway thinking I could squeeze in an extra use after all.


Please be as harsh as you can and don't pull any punches, I can take it.


Also I'm using 4pc with a really shitty helm, but alas it's HCWF. I also have HCWF Norushen shoulders, HCWF spoils chest, and HCWF Thok gloves in my bags. I'm using this setup because it sims the highest. I do have 2/4 upgraded normal tier head I can use, as the shoulders are already 4/4 upgraded. It did sim lower.


Edit: I messed around with AMR and simcraft, and using 2pc plus frost armour and hitting 14242 was equal to 4set and mage armour on single target. On multi target, the 2pc build won by over 10k, so I've gone with the higher ilvl pieces for funsies, and because I love playing with high haste (22k Haste Demonology is the bees knees).

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Hello liquidsteel,

Would you be interested of me going through your logs via TS?
I don't have the time to write extensive posts atm


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TS information:



Use the channel that Berlinia is in.


And please be on time :)

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Thanks a lot for going through those logs today, learned some neat tricks for certain bosses that weren't obvious and spotted a lot of flaws.



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