how to stat priority for affliction/destruction.

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So my warlock got pretty crappy gear with ilvl arround 530 and some pvp gear but i still want to know how to get the best dps out of it.

In the icy Veins guide for the affliction warlock the stat priority is int>hit>mastery>haste....., but in many other guides they tell me to get the haste break points like 9xxx first and mrrobot tells me to just push for haste.

I mainly want to play the affliction warlock but in some single target fights i get a much better dps with the destuction build.

How should i prioritise my stats now to get the best results with affliction/destuction?







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You can push for Haste or Mastery, it matters very little.  What does matter is whether or not you successfully execute the mechanics of Affliction.  Your secondary stats aren't going to take you from being mediocre to wonderful with a simple reforge click.


Keep DoTs up.

Use Haunt properly.

Use Soul Swap properly.

Know when to Drain Soul.

Know how to snapshot procs.

Use your cooldowns properly.


These are the points you should be making, not how much Haste you should have.

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^^ What Zag said.

To give you my experience from gearing, at 531, you can't touch the haste points you need while keeping any kind of mastery. I found even playing affliction, my dps was higher (2-4% on average, so nothing world breaking, but that's probably very generous and unfairly biased in favor of gaining DPS) when just going as heavy into mastery as possible. Around 545 or so, I started scraping the table on haste, and pulled together the 10124 (buffed) haste breakpoint. Past that, your ability to play destro starts to suffer a little, and this effect is magnified by any amount of ping you have. So until that point, I recommend reforging as far as possible into mastery, and then any haste BPs you happen to hit is gravy.

But again, it's not REALLY going to matter. I will say that Aff suffers a lot on fights where it can't/doesn't cheese or long fights, and that's magnified by low ilvl moreso than Destro, so there's that as well.

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