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Tal Rasha's Meteor Wizard

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I am rocking magic weapon, conduit for quick refresh of arcane power. The more arcane power you have, the higher your damage can be. So I am also putting as much into having Cost Reduction with Astral presence, the Sancitified magic missle for the homing aspect, squirts for neck, and mempo in cube. Truly a glass cannon, see some benefit to your build. Taking off the squirts would really help, but doing mostly full clears and staying way in the back, making use of power hungry and zeis, trapped, stricken. Now that Ithink about it, trapped only helps for closer engagements but constant battle of pulling groups and not dying sees its benefit in my play style. Will augment my build with, some of your suggestions. GL,  Blighter was kicking my *filtered*, but managed to LOS him around a wall with a fence. But timing COE, and Arcane dynamo criting around 50-70 trillion and melt faces. Having a barb to round up and make pulls safer would be a huge. But slowly grinding this build, at 124 right now. 

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Guest Legion

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all of these builds and guides. Much appreciated by a lot of people, I'm sure

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Question regarding the newly updated Mempo of Twilight - the bonus Shower rune is only effective towards your actively cast Meteor (it doesn't trigger on the set bonus bonus meteors, which even with a top end video card, my video card thanks them for not doing that... that would be a lot of lights and thunder) - does the damage bonus ALSO only count towards your active Meteor, or does it also buff the passive Meteors?

*EDIT* Also, since I've been playing with this, I thought I'd share the few modifications I've been using:

Among skills - I dropped Teleport for Magic Weapon/Deflection. I understand the normal desire for an "out", given the wonderful array of charming affixes the Champions/Elites can come with, but I've found myself rarely in need of it. I don't play on Hardcore, so while dying is an annoyance, it's not life-altering 😄

I also replaced the Blades with Magic Missile/Glacial Spike. Missile gives an additional level of ranged crowd control that the Blades simply do not afford.

Among the passives - without Teleport, Illusionist is worthless, so that was dropped. My other concern was this build's only matter of direct defense outside of the Set Resistance buffs/immunities was Halo of Karini's shock effect, which operates counter-intuitively to the build's design (it only triggers on hits to enemies beyond 15 yards, where this build operates in close quarters - re: Audacity).

To counter this issue, I dropped Illusionist for Galvanizing Ward to have an active shield between packs, while MW/Deflection adds shields while attacking.

So far, up through GR103, I've gone down exactly one time (saved by the Enchantress skill) and faced very little red screen threat...

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additional commentary

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