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Psychology study : how do you play online games ?

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Hi everyone !


I am a French psychology student in my fifth year of universities studies. I am currently carrying out a little study about behaviors differences between french and english online video game players, and between MMORPG players and other game genre players, in terms of motivation to play and personality.


Psychology researchers have shown that MMORPG players have a specific personality pattern and they are motivated to play in a different way than the players who play to other game genres.


I'm looking for volunteers who wouldn't mind spending ten minutes to answer this survey. You would be greately helpful !



Survey link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1IJqCxncX5CIW0Jy1YIMSbfxwc9r1zn1bdI-TUdvJRfg/viewform



For more information, please send a message : [email protected]

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In the questionnaire, there is no option for selecting if I am French or English.  I suppose the form you linked is strictly for English people.  If this is the case, I would recommend changing the Yes/No section to reflect Yes/No and not Oiu/Non.

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Done - hope you manage to get out of your survey what you hope you can.


I appreciate at this stage it may be tough to change any of the questions etc.


Some of the questions involved a lot of different questions in one so was quite difficult to give a yes / no answer :P


Good luck with the research!

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I filled it, but I have a different relations to video games than most people do, given that I make a living off of them tongue.png

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Lol, I filled it. I am not english or french. just a simple dutch guy who wants to help out.


I'm very interested in what conclusions you draw from this survey.

I'm very interested to hear what the results are.


Maybe you could post them here.

Otherwise I would be delighted if you would PM me here.


Cheers and GL


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I did the survey, only thing I didn't understand was the section on how you see yourself Ideally.  That didn't make much sense to me, so my answers there may be a bit skewed.  Good luck with your study though.  Also, try to avoid any wording biases in any future surveys, as I saw a few questions where my answer was maybe this but it could also be this other answer.

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Haha! Really? He asked for help but didn't bother to update the thread and show the results.🙃 I remember at the university, we had to make research about gaming addiction and its impact on personal life. So, we were sent questionnaires on the gamers forum and after the research was done I received a lot of questions about our study. People were curious to know the statistics and results. After graduation, I published it on my blog and received a job in the magazine about psychology on https://breakupangels.com/positions-cuddle-say-about-relationship/.

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