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Marksmanship Hunter Pre-Patch

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On 8/30/2022 at 8:02 PM, Torrents said:

Is MM viable as a leveling spec from say 60's to max level or should i stay BM?

Absolutely, all the specs are viable for leveling. BM is the best all the way through as a solo player, since you'll have a much better time letting your pet keep aggro on enemies. MM can be really good if you're playing with a group.

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16 hours ago, Kathnip said:

very confusing when you do not use points on silence shot but it is recomended on the rotation (?)

I include it in case you want to take it. You may experience mana problems early on, especially as a fresh 70, and it's not worth it from a damage perspective. With a bit of gear though it becomes worth taking later.

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