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High ilvl - Low DPS Retri Papal

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Dear Gentlemen,


i have a character repatriation paladin level 90 at Realm chamber of aspects name       ( Titô ) and my iLvl = 577 and i got epic HC gear but my dps is too low around 200k in recount at MoP dummy .... i asked all said should be around 375-425k.


my rotation is :


1- Crusader Strike

2- Judgment

3- Exorcism 

4- Templar's Verdict

5- Hammer of Wrath 

6- And Inquisition up and Execution Sentence up.


And I use Clc Retri. Addon.


whats your advice guys ? unsure.png 





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Hey man, I don't play a pally at all but I think you may have posted in the wrong section. You can post this in the Paladin class section and you'll find better luck with advice there. Also, you should link your armory along with a log or two of any recent fights that you've done; there isnt much that can be corrected (in-depth play) from just listing out your rotation. 


Hope this helps smile.png

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