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[General] Log Analysis Management

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Good day to you fellow mages,


Due to the extended amounts of Help my dps threads here on Icy Veins, where several of them are almost of the same nature, I have decided to try something out. This is: the extended log analysis I will do through teamspeak and we can go over the logs with you.


What is the purpose of this?

Essentially avoiding writing the same stuff over and over again. Also I have the feeling that due to alot of stuff being able to go wrong in a raid environment, I can go over the top analyzing logs and find mistakes where at the time it would be impossible for you to do otherwise.


So how will that happen you might ask?

For the posters it is going to be the exact same. You make a post and I will go over your logs quickly. If you do have respectable uptimes and really need more advanced help and analysis I will PM that we can do the analysis via Teamspeak. Then the first poster will give me a time where he can be online in between: Friday 19:30 - 24:00 (GMT+1)
Saturday: 16:00 - 24:00 (GMT + 1)

Sunday: 13:00 - 24:00 (GMT + 1)


The times are european server time


This will be done via PM to better communicate and arrange an exact date and time.

After this has been arranged, on the original thread I will post the details of date time and TS server. Everyone is welcome to join, but you will be expected to mute yourself except the first poster. This is to keep it clean and comprehensible. Also the one receiving the help is expected to be online in time!

It's highly advisable you have pen and paper in hand (or Word xD) so that you can study what you were told!

I hope this brings us into a new era, especially come WoD



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