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Mage or Shadow Simulationcraft [Feedback]

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I'm coming back to WoW after a prolonged hiatus.


I'm still contemplating if I should boost and raid with my Shadow Priest or my Mage in Warlords of Draenor... so I would like a little advice from the community. 


I was told by a friend that Icy-Veins is now the go-to place for theorycrafting and weighing conjecture since the EJ forums have gone through somewhat of a recession. 


I know a lot of has changed. Apparently there is no more "Hybrid Tax", Talent trees have been completely revamped, rotations are different, old stats are being disposed of, new stats are being acquired etc...


I digress...


The most recent simulation craft I have found on WoD was posted today:




To be clear... I am well aware that there are still a ton of balance passes in the pipeline, but Priest and Mage potential doesn't seem very far off from one another.


What I'm ultimately looking for in a class is:


Very High DPS

Simple Rotation (Of the two)



It seems as if Arcane is the king of the three Mage specs as of right now. I would love some detailed feedback and a healthy discussion.


Kind Regards,




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I am on my phone so analysis is limited. I tend to go for whichever scales the best off of crit.

Look at warriors. Normally low early expansion but because of crit gains creep up. It is early to say but my instinct says mage single target and spries multi.

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Thing is, mages have 3 specs. Fire cleave is out of this world, Frost Single and 2target Cleave is amazeballs and arcane is decent.


With rotations being simplified quite alot in WoD i'd say mages have an easy rotation. Spriest is going to be one of my Alts in Wod, and with current boss tests it seems to me that DPS wise mage is just stronger. Spriests however are very very fun so that would be a pro for chosing spriest.


On the bad side you might have to heal.


Oh and the results you posted are very far off reality. Mages can easily pull 38k+ on a 600second single target fight,

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