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Evoker Bloodlust and Paladin Battle Resurrection Added in Dragonflight Beta Build 45335

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Evokers received a Bloodlust and Paladins a battle rez in the initial Dragonflight Beta build.

In an interview with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, it was confirmed Dracthyr Evokers will bring a Bloodlust in Dragonflight. The team also wanted to give battle resurrection to a different class which happens to be Paladins.

Evoker Lust

Evokers have received a bloodlust spell in the latest Dragonflight Beta build.

Fury of the Aspects Fury of the Aspects - Increases haste by 0% for all party and raid members for 40 sec. Allies receiving this effect will become Exhausted and unable to benefit from Fury of the Aspects or similar effects again for 10 min. (Instant, Costs 4% of Base Mana, 5 min cooldown)

Paladin Battle Resurrection

Paladins will gain access to a battle rez in the Dragonflight pre-patch.

Intercession Intercession - Petition the Light on the behalf of a fallen ally, restoring spirit to body and allowing them to reenter battle with 0% health and at least 0% mana. (2 sec cast, 3 Holy Power, 40 yd range, 10 min cooldown)

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"restoring spirit to body and allowing them to reenter battle with 0% health and at least 0% mana" i guess they will wake up dead lol

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27 minutes ago, Borgoff33 said:

i guess they will wake up dead lol

sounds like me on the daily

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Welp, since Paladins did have something like "PvP BR" makes sense they'd get a proper one eventually, as the 'pure' Light wielders.

Then again, I'd think Evoker BL would have to be about Time, which mages already posess, so they wouldn't get one.

With a description like this, they might as well have given it to Warriors, will a "massive battle cry"-style ability, Warlocks or DHs imbuing everyone with chaotic power, or even Priests having raid-wide Power Infusion to fill in the shoes of a Bloodlust user.

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11 hours ago, Borgoff33 said:

"restoring spirit to body and allowing them to reenter battle with 0% health and at least 0% mana" i guess they will wake up dead lol

Paladins able to create holy forsaken confirmed, spell should be renamed "Calia's Blessing" 😄

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