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Hunter surv dps analys~

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Hello, im a survival hunter, and i feel like i should been pulling more dps, can you tell me what im doing wrong? D:


i did this random malk flex to take the logs, and i dont know if i got it right... first time using it, sorry


and here is my armory




Sorry for my bad english, and thank you in advance :D

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Hey, thanks for including an armory link!


First things first I ran a sim on your gear, before even opening the log. Your talents are great, and so is your stat priority. Well done!


Here is your simcraft profile, so before I even opened up your log. I see that your damage should be around 325k playing close to optimal. 




After opening the log I see that you wiped on the fight, this is less than ideal and in the future I would suggest you log a kill. It makes it easier for us to see an entire completed fight, but since this is what you provided I will do my best to point out any glaring mistakes so that you may improve.


First thing that stands out to me is the SINGLE use of Berserking. A 3m cooldown, could've been used again during the fight! Come on man! Use your spells! Just macro Everything into Stampede. This means EVERYTHING. My macro that I use is as follows:


#showtooltip Stampede
/cast Stampede
/cast Berserking
/cast Rapid Fire
/use 10 
/cast Rabid(Ferocity Ability)


(Just for a note, /use 10 is engineering gloves, so feel free to exclude that.)


Second thing I've noticed is your buff uptimes.


Serpent Sting - 78% - Cost you 880k damage.

Black Arrow - 86% - Cost you 490k damage.


These are way too low, and should be around 95% uptime. You probably cost yourself a few Lock n' Load procs because of the poor Black Arrow uptime as well as a combined total of 1,370,000 damage, or about 7k DPS. These need to be a lot higher and I would suggest using Weak Auras or TellMeWhen to monitor your debuffs, get these in the 90%+ range and you'll see a great improvement.


Next thing I'll look at is another obvious thing, just Glaive Toss usage. You only missed out on 3, for 400k damage, this is minimal, but free damage none the less, try to be better about using your abilities on cooldown. Since we are on the topic of using your abilities on cooldown, your CPM was a little bit low, only 45. 100% optimal is 58 CPM. Try and shoot for 55+, but since this was a wipe, your CPM will be a little bit lower, so will your damage. Another advantage of posting a log with no deaths, and a kill. 




This is a chart of your Lock n' Load procs correlating to the uptime of your Explosive Shot. If you look towards the middle of the fight you'll see that you got your second Dextrous proc and had a very poor uptime of Lock n' Load during the proc. This could've been crutial damage and it cost you since you didn't get another one during the fight. Also, your second pot seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, and could've lined up here perfectly with your trinket and a possible huge chain of Explosive Shots. With good RNG I'd say this cost you 5-7k DPS. Combine that with the damage loss of casting A Murder of Crows in the middle of the proc instead of right at the beginning or even a bit before I'd say closer to 10k DPS. The ICD of Assurance is 1 minute 55 seconds. That means that with decent luck, your Dextrous will delay til 2 minutes, when your Muder of Crows is back off cooldown. The ideal way to approach this is to cast your second AMoC right as it comes off cooldown, and hope that Assurance procs within 10 seconds. This is also the ideal time to use your second potion to stack as many beneficial buffs as possible. This is a huge damage loss, because this is the part in the fight where our burst is whithering down a lot, and if you properly stack these buffs and spells up, your damage will stop going down and probably go up by a good 10-15k if done perfectly.


Next thing I'm looking at is your opener, which is not very good in my opinion.




The main thing I'm noticing here, is your first Explosive Shot wasn't until 5 seconds in, Black Arrow didn't get applied til 8 seconds, and once you cast Murder, you didn't do anything for 2 seconds. Give this opener a try and see how it works for you.


-3 - Glaive Toss

-1 - Pre Pot / Explosive Shot

1 - Stampede / All your cooldowns

2 - Murder of Crows

3 - Cobra Shot

4 - Black Arrow

5 - Serpent Sting

6 - Explosive Shot

7 - Rotation


This will net you an extra Explosive Shot during your opener trinket procs and gets everything up as soon as possible. Your current opener seems like you're struggling with maintaining focus while casting Murder of Crows. This opener with alleviate that almost entirely. 


All in all your damage wasn't poor, you just have some very simple fixes and you'll be playing a lot closer to your sDPS.


Feel free to add me on BattleTag if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.


Edited by Niix

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Wow, that was a really great answer... you helped me A LOT... thank you..

I will surely improve my playstyle...

But i have a question, this macro casts rapid fire and berserking... they stack? .-.

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Wow, that was a really great answer... you helped me A LOT... thank you..

I will surely improve my playstyle...

But i have a question, this macro casts rapid fire and berserking... they stack? .-.


Yeah! Feel free to test it for yourself, they stack really well, especially with Stampede. 


I have 32% haste unbuffed. When I use Rapid Fire, I get 85%. When I use both I get 122%. They stack incredibly well!

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