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Dragonflight Beta Hunter Dev Notes: September 9th

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Here come notes for future Hunter changes coming on the Dragonflight Beta.

Blizzard LogoHunter (Source)

Going to make a quick post addressing Binding Shot before making a follow-up post.

We still feel like a root that doesn’t break from damage is not a good thing to have in the game, because it’s not at all clear why it works differently than other roots. That said, Binding Shot is a powerful tool Hunters have to manage some situations where you want to both do high damage to a group of enemy targets, as well as have control over their ability to chase you.

We’re changing Binding Shot from a root that breaks on damage to a 3 second stun.

There are some other minor Hunter changes we wanted to discuss, but wanted to address Binding Shot specifically.


There’s some other minor Hunter changes coming in a future build, and we also wanted to talk about the new Lesser Dragonkin pet family.

Class Tree:

  • Improved Traps and Rejuvenating Wind should actually have their places swapped. Really this time.
  • Concussive Shot will now replace Wing Clip, and no longer requires a ranged weapon.
  • Wing Clip Focus cost reduced by 10. This was a rank 2 upgrade that was incorrectly not baked into Wing Clip.
  • Fortitude of the Bear should have all of its interactions properly setup now with Command Pet, tenacity pets, as well as Lone Wolf Marksmanship Hunters.
    • The Kindred Beasts PvP talent has also been updated to work with Fortitude of the Bear.

Lesser Dragonkin
As some of you may have noticed, there’s a new pet family you can tame creatures from, the Lesser Dragonkin.

  • Lesser Dragonkin are a Ferocity pet.
  • Lesser Dragonkin have a new pet family ability, Shimmering Scales. This reduces your pet’s magic damage taken by 70% for 8 seconds, on a 90 second cooldown.
  • Cloud Serpents have had their pet family changed from Serpents to Lesser Dragonkin, but the ability to tame Cloud Serpents has not been changed in any way.
  • Lesser Dragonkin taming is currently planned to be a reward from the Valdrakken faction.
  • Lesser Dragonkin includes creatures like the new Hornswogs from Dragonflight, or the Feathered Drakes in Ardenweald, or even some of the Faerie Dragons in places like Feralas.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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