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5 Mounts That Will Be Harder to Obtain When Shadowlands Ends

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Arhqirah is back with some more mount advice, this time pointing out some that will be significantly harder to acquire when the Dragonflight pre-patch arrives (which shouldn't be that far off). So take a look below and get to farming them if you don't already have them, and good luck with the drops!

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      Difficulty Level End-of-Run Item Level Weekly Reward Item Level Mythic +1 398 None Mythic +2 402 415 Mythic +3 405 418 Mythic +4 405 421 Mythic +5 408 421 Mythic +6 408 424 Mythic +7 411 424 Mythic +8 411 428 Mythic +9 415 428 Mythic +10 415 431 Mythic +11 418 431 Mythic +12 418 434 Mythic +13 421 434 Mythic +14 421 437 Mythic +15 424 437 Mythic +16 424 441 Mythic +17 428 441 Mythic +18 428 444 Mythic +19 431 444 Mythic +20 431 447
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