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Shoulder Upgrade Advice

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Hey guys


I have the choice to equip and upgrade either Heroic Pauldrons of the Prehistoric Marauder or Heroic Warforged Krugruk's Rigid Shoulderplates.






Given I have the tier Gloves and Helmet, am I right in thinking that Krugruk's shoulderplates are a superior upgrade for me?


At upgrade level 4, Krugruk's offer higher stats across the board and given that I am already hit and expertised capped the higher Hit on Krugruk's will give more %crit reforge than the exp on the tier set.


My profile:




Of course the Garrosh Shoulders are BIS but at this given time I am looking to give myself the best upgrade possibilities.


Also as a final note, I have upgraded Heroic Thok's trinket to 2/4 as this gives me a 9% boost. Am I right in thinking upgrading it to 4/4 is not worth it as this moment in time while I am still gearing?


Kind regards




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I would equip the HWF shoulders, yes. When comparing the 4/4 upgrade they are better simply due to higher stat values. That is, of course, until you get the elusive Tusks. (30+ kills... we've yet to see any drop myself...)


As far as the trinket goes, it's probably 4th or 5th on the upgrade priority after weapons, cloak, helm, chest, etc. If you have those slots upgraded 4/4 and still have valor to spend then yes, by all means, upgrade the trinket to 4/4.

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