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Honestly I don't know if this applies to other classes, but there is the feature in the WoW Interface menu under the Action Bars subheading called Secure Ability Toggle, which by default is enabled (ticked). 


What it does is apply a hidden GCD any time you toggle an ability on or off. For Warlocks, this includes Fire and Brimstone (Destro) and Metamorphosis (Demo). If you turn these on, it won't let you turn them off again for at least 1.5s. This is actually SUUUUUPER annoying if you accidentally hit the keybind, or just need to switch out instantly again.


If you untick the box, you can quite happily switch in and out seamlessly.


I only found this out a couple months ago but the above situations were so god damn annoying, and this helped me out massively.

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Yeah turned this off after hitting sub 40 in Demo burn but trying to leave before hand.  I end up jumping back into Demo form and just sit there waiting a GCD to leave because, like I said, I'm still starved...

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