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Rotation / Ability Sanity check?

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Armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/moonrunner/Marlovv/advanced


(Won a replacement for that 502 ring last night, but it's not on armory yet.  Also upgraded my weapon once more)










With Sha, I see I could have kept my Blood Plague up a bit more, and it looks like I could have used Soul Reaper at least a couple more times there at the end (though I'm not sure if that was my missing the opportunity, or if I was dealing with fight mechanics, or just an issue with runes being used for the wrong things).


I also see that I proc'd killing machine 40 times, but I only have 18 critical hits with Obliterate. That probably needs to come up quite a bit. I see I had a ton of crits with Frost Strike, so certainly some of my KM procs went to that.


Outside of the above, is there anything else I can change or tweak?  Am I correct in my assumptions above?



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Looking over your armory and I see that you're well over hit cap, but just under expertise cap. You have a lot of hit gear, so try reforging around a bit differently to get your expertise cap, too. Your weapon is also not reforged. Other than those things, your gear looks fine. Enchanting and gemming looks correct. You should be using Glyph of Regenerative Magic since Anti-Magic Shell is a pretty big part of playing DK currently. It lowers the cooldown on AMS if the shield doesn't full get absorbed. Shorter the cooldown equals more uses which equals more RP. 


Now looking at the logs, and I see there are a couple of issues. I'll break it down into segments for you.



- Pillar of Frost. Your usage was pretty bad. You should be using it on pull, and the moment it comes off cd. Only 2 uses in a 5:46 fight is really low, especially since you have a version of the Evil Eye. With the LFR version and 2/4 upgrades, that puts the cooldown at 45 seconds. 346/45 = 7.69, so 7 uses. You missed 5. That's a huge chunk of damage that you could have had. 


- Anti Magic Shell. You only used it once. At the very least you should have used it 4 times, for each Swelling Pride. That's 4 times for you to get full RP for one ability, and damage mitigation.


- Empowered Rune Weapon. You only used it once, and it was used at 4:31. You could have used it twice if you used it in your opener like you should. Getting a full set of runes twice for 2h is like Christmas, actually for any DK spec it's like Christmas. 


- Plague Leech. You're taking the talent, but you're not using it. That's just wasted damage. It gives you 2 Death Runes on a 24 second cd while leeching both of your diseases off the target. You should be using it at least when Outbreak comes off cd. Leech the diseases off, and then reapply with Outbreak. With your trinket, this would be every 45 seconds.



- Howling Blast. You should only be using this on Rime procs, or if there are adds that need to die quickly. Your usage needs some work. You're sometimes using it when you don't have a Rime proc, and there aren't any adds up. You really should try to avoid doing this as you want those Frost Runes to be used on Obliterate. I also see that you opened with HB right after you cast Outbreak. I don't know why you did that, but don't do it.


- Obliterate. You should be spending every rune you can on this, as long as both diseases are on the target. You need to make sure that your diseases are on your target because Obliterate does increased damage for each disease present. Frost Fever should never fall off between Rime procs, so the only one you should manage is Blood Plague. From your logs, it seems like you could definitely be using Oblit more.


- Frost Strike. Your usage was good for the most part. There were some spots on Sha where you were capped and used another RP generating ability, but overall it was decent. Just try to make sure you only use this when you can't Obliterate, or if you're about to RP cap.


- Plague Strike. You shouldn't be using this as much as you are, especially since you have Evil Eye. Outbreak has a shorter cooldown, which should mean you are Plague Striking less. So you should have half of the amount casts that you currently do.


- Death and Decay. Don't use it as 2h. Most adds are going to die before the full damage happens, so you're just wasting a rune on it.


Those are the major things I see. Try and fix some of those then post another log, even if it's just LFR. Preferably a fight like Juggernaut or Malkorok since it's mostly pure single target without random buffs.

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Thanks so much, that is incredibly helpful!  I have a couple of bad habits I need to break from when I was first starting this character and basically just button mashing.  I'll spend some time at the target dummies over the next few days, and will log another single target boss.


Odd that my hit/expertise caps are off, not sure what that's about.  I've been using mr. robot to manage all that stuff, but I'll take a closer look at exactly what it's doing; I'm probably being to trusting of a tool.


Thanks again.  I really appreciate your taking the time to look that deep into those logs!

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