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Dracthyr Evoker Racial Mounts in Dragonflight

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This week's Dragonflight Beta build adds Dracthyr Evoker racial mounts to the game. They are called Vorquin and can be purchased in the Dracthyr starting area.

UPDATE: We've posted a more detailed preview including epic mounts here.

The mounts are sold by Treysh and cost 40 gold each. We have 4 color variations and they all come with the following flavor text: "Respected for their resilience in battle, even against dragonfire, these noble beasts are the prized mounts of the dracthyr cavalry."

Bronze Vorquin Bronze Vorquin

bronze vorquin.jpg

Crimson Vorquin Crimson Vorquin

crimson vorquin.jpg

Obsidian Vorquin Obsidian Vorquin

obsidian vorquin.jpg

Sapphire Vorquin Sapphire Vorquin

sapphire vorquin.jpg

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While the mounts by themsekves don't look too bad. Its completely absurd that they are Dracthyr racial mounts for a couple of reasons;

- First because Dracthyrs were supposed to be their own mounts, they weren't even supposed to ride mounts outside of Visage form originally until they changed it, blizzard said it themselves they would have to turn into visage to mount because a dragon riding another creature would look weird until they pretty much said "eh, what the hell" and changed it.

- You might then say "oh it's because they were supposed to be used on visage form". Wich it's not true either because before they arrived to Stormwind/Ogrimmar they havent even considered using Visages yet, they just heard that it was something dragons could do

So the idea that they had a Cavalry to ride on their draconic forms sounds weird and unrealistic af

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They should be their own mounts as their racial.
Them being able to ride the other mounts you've collected is good - but idk if another courser-reskin is the way to go for their racial.

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