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Icy Veins Release Schedule for MoP

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We will release a lot of guides in the days to come, so we felt it would be best to inform you about what is coming. We cannot have everything ready by Launch Day, so we will prioritise according to what will be most useful for you to read.

Before the release of MoP, we intend to release the rest of the dungeon guides (so you can start gearing up fast), 2 raid encounter guides (Mogu'shan Vaults will only be available 1 week after launch, but it is important to prepare!), 85-90 leveling guides for every class, and a short Monk 1-90 leveling guide.

On Launch day, we will release incomplete reputation farming guides where we will explain how to get started and what to do in the first few days. We will complete them over the course of the week, as we have done all the necessary testing on beta, but have not had the time yet to convert our notes into proper guides.

We will also make sure to have the rest of the encounter guides out before Mogu'shan Vaults is released.

In addition, we will update the class guides to be fully compatible with level 90.

All this is going to represent a very heavy workload, so we may be slow to respond to messages and comments for a few days, but we will be reading them and we will need more feedback than ever before.

We would like to thank everyone who has shown us support!

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to reply Posted Image

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As always keep up the hard work! At least you know it is well received!

Think MoP is going to be a great expansion for you guys at Icy Veins!

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