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Stellar Flare - Replacement for Starsurge - Balance Druid Dragonflight

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What if Stellar Flare talent was a replacement for Starsurge and also if had a passive effect that it could proc (become instant cast) based on your Sunfire and Moonfire damage?

Stellar Flare (talent)

“Replaces Starsurge

Burns the target for (xx.x% of Spell Power) Astral Damage, and then an additional (xxx.x% of Spell Power) damage over xx seconds. Your Moonfire and Sunfire damage have a chance to make your next Stellar Flare instant.

Generates x Astral Power”

It would give an optionality to give up on single target damage and to go for a heavy AoE build and would bring back the most fun aspect of boomkin in Cata and MoP (spamming dots and starsurge procs)

This would also reduce the current boomy dynamics of either choosing starsurge or starfall and not being able to rotate between the two abilities properly, as Stellar Flare would not cost, but generate Astral Power (so it would not compete Astral Power with Starfall)

Stellar Flare being only a castable ability makes it unviable both in PvP and PvE. I feel like Stellar Flare will remain an useless talent if they don’t make any significant changes.

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