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Sub rogue stats

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I was wondering if someone could offer some clarification on the Sub stat priority. From my research, it's listed as Haste>Crit>Mastery. I'm not going to claim any of this as wrong, as I'm no theorycrafter, but I wanted to know why this is? At first glance, the Sub mastery (Executioner) seems like it's a pretty strong mastery, especially with the boost to SnD.


Right now my assumptions are:

Haste on top since it increases attack speed and energy regen; More energy, more finishers/builders


Crit next since we already get a significant amount as Sub and/or an agi class and makes everything hit 2x as hard


Mastery on bottom because the % per point doesn't match up to the other 2.


Do I have those reasonings correct, or am I completely wrong?

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I'm not a theorycrafter either, but I know that the stat priorities are defined by members of the community that are theorycrafters.


Your insights are correct, however subjective insight doesn't mean much when examining something so scientific as PvE stat weights. Testers approached the numbers completely objectively and created sites like Shadowcraft and Ask Mr. Robot to give the rest of the community an easier time performing their class well. I've so far found no evidence that these websites are steering rogues wrong, so I've had no trouble telling others to simply accept what these sites tell them (after explaining the difference between the two theory engines).


It's good to be thinking about the nature of the statistics as you've done here. Their weights will change as our stat numbers changes and as our items interact with the stats in different ways. Blizzard might even change the math behind the scenes. It's all figured out by the theorycrafters who then share the stat weights they have found in objective scientific experiments.

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Sub rogue stats depend on several things, including your gear, the fight you're doing and the kill time your guild is managing. In my experience of sub (currently ranked around 20 on Proraiders ,though I have raided on my lock for several weeks), I would say to always put haste on top as your best secondary stat right now. After that is where it can vary. For normal gear levels (roughly up to 560 or 570) I would always go Haste>Crit>Mastery, as the level of crit you get passively from agility is a lot lower at this item level. However, with high gear, I feel it could be better to prioritise more mastery. This is for several reasons; firstly, due to high item level and with it high agility (which is boosted by sinister calling), you already get a good amount of crit before aiming for it. I tend to run with just over 40% crit unbuffed (currently using 41.18%), as I think this is a good amount to give you very high crit chance when buffed with trinkets, potion, synapse springs etc all up ( i.e during your burst, when you want your eviscerates to be critting). After this , my preference is to reforge to more mastery. I do this because my guild generally has quite fast kills, often around top 30 in the world, meaning overall dps is more dependant on burst. With a mastery heavy build, providing you aren't exceedingly unlucky with eviscerate crits, your burst will be higher due to the eviscerates hitting far harder. However, this is my preference only, and I cannot prove it to be mathematically better, and if you don't receive tricks your dps depends less on burst and so this isnt as viable, but in my situation I believe it to be better.


However, in general cases ,haste>crit>mastery is the best setup, and this is true even for top geared rogues on long fights such as Garrosh ,where your major burst windows make up only a small % of the fight. And in all scenarios, improving your play is far more important than reforging 500 of x stat to 500 of y stat.


P.s. hitting 1.75m+ eviscerates is more fun than getting a few more melee swing crits

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