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Resto- HC spoils legs vs 2 set...

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Last night we downed HC spoils for the first time, and I rolled the Shado-pan Reliquary kilt. Tempted to use it, but that would mean I'd break my 2 set (HC chest and normal legs).

I'd link my armory but since we merged it's been seriously broken.


What would you do?



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The 2-piece is very important as a resto druid for a couple of reasons:


First, it gives free healing and lowers your mana usage.


Second, it helps give you snap heals so you can have SOMETHING reactionary in your toolkit besides using NS. Resto druid is very predictive in how it heals, and being able to have something for reaction is insanely beneficial.

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Thanks guys, that's totally what I was thinking! And I know I use that sagemender proc really often...


It's just the new legs are so SHINY AND HC! :D haha

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