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KT's op ability for Heroic Noth and maybe others

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I used the druid deck on this site to beat noth but I was missing most of the legendaries. I used KT and found out that his ability triggers at the end of Noth's and your turn. This means that you can minion trade with your huge taunt minions and if they die they will come back.


I know what you're thinking, Noth's hero power will spawn a 5/5! Yes, but your Ironbark protector or ogrefirst ogre with taunt can keep killing them! Also, Noth will not attack your huge minions! I don't know if its a bug or if he's programmed not to make bad trades (his minion dies but yours comes back!)


I beat him in one turn with KT in my deck but I was lucky to get to use 2 wild growths on turns 2 and 3. I had an ironbark protector and a druid of the claw with charge and then KT. After than I summoned Ogrefirst and gave him taunt and it was over.


I think this OP ability could be useful on any heroic that requires taunters or big minions to win like Instructor Razevious (or what ever).

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