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Low skill ceiling classes

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Hey all,

i would like to ask you for a few tips 🙂

Im a player, that cares about how well i can play his own class, but i'd say i cant deal very well with difficult stuff. I played frost mage in heroic CN at the start of shadowlands with 90+ logs and like 3 mythic bosses with 85+ but i'd like to switch something else. Especially since people like to bully you when you play frost in m+ instead of fire. I also played assa rogue during legion and got bullied in m+ too since outlaw was so much better. Im not saying fire or outlaw are difficult since i never really tried it, if i like one spec of the class i kinda just stick to it no matter what.

My question for you is: what classes are kinda easy to master or be very good at? Or probably will be in the upcoming xpac

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Hey Fisky, I believe that you may enjoy Fury Warrior, the skill ceiling can become high depending on what you are doing, if you are just doing M+ this is a good selection. I main an Outlaw Rogue myself. S4 I am 2500 io.

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