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Player Reaches Exalted with Almost Every Currently Obtainable Faction

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Hiyorin has reached Exalted with almost every currently obtainable faction in the game.

Hiyorin answered some interesting questions on Reddit that we've summarized below.

  • Ravenholdt took under 2 days, but they had to level up a Rogue first, which was a pain.
  • They're still missing Talon's Vengeance, the PvP rep from Legion on the Mage, but the grind is short and should be ready next week!
  • The character had 367 days, 3 hours, and 2 minutes of played time.
  • The most difficult were Goblin factions, Hiyorin wanted both cartels and Bloodsail Buccaneers at Exalted and had to kill a few dozen thousand of pirates in Tanari.
  • Shang Xi is the levelling reputation for Pandaren and cannot be maxed out.
  • Hiyorin has done all rival reps.
  • The Pandaren character is very old and was previously a Gnome in Vanilla.

Here's an in-game shot with all reputations maxed out! Congrats to the amazing feet and now Hiyorin can finally play the game!


Source: Reddit

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Congrats....i guess....not sure why they would do it, is there a reward or something ingame? if its just to do it, its more like time wasted, but that is just me.

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1 hour ago, Lithari said:

Congrats....i guess....not sure why they would do it, is there a reward or something ingame? if its just to do it, its more like time wasted, but that is just me.

Some of those reps still offer rewards when reach Exalted; mount, transmog, or title through given vendor/achievement upon reached.  There is an obtainable mount to reaching more than 50 Exalted representations ingame.

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Uncommon Patron

Props on doing this. We all play the game for different reasons and if you enjoy it as you must then more power to you. Being a completionist is time consuming and takes a lot of dedication. Well done. People think Im nuts for maintaining 4-6 toons including full raids each week and maxxing out the vault. We all get enjoyment in different ways, none are wrong, just different.


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uhm, he is missing the Stitchmasters rep too, and Marasmius (he did not got the AV) 😄

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On 10/15/2022 at 8:43 PM, Swarf said:

I think this is the max number of factions it's possible to get exalted with at one time.

Currently in game, as the article states. I have two they do not because all NPCs/quests/etc were removed from the game during Cataclysm prepatch:




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Congrats, not only for the fantastic "sticktoitness" but the shear (I think that is the right word) time it took to do this.  Amazing.  Well, in a few months, you get some more to do!    

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