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Devastation Evoker Leveling

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The Augmentation guide also links to this comment section, and there is no link to Augmentation in the Leveling Guides list. Maybe Aug could get fully linked in on the site?

For that matter, the Evoker tree on Augmentation needs a look. The list of talents to get are out of order, making it difficult to build out the tree in a coherent way. Example: Level 10 says Ancient Flame, which can't even be reached without spending 8 other points. Yes, the tree opens with plenty of points, but why not list them in a follow-able order?

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Guest Azdahha

So i was playing for a few days df, and i just wanted to hear some suggestions for leveling zones or how to level, should i do some quest lines, if yes where, whice zones, or i should do dungeons?

Btw i dont find dungeons very usefull in this expansion, feels like there is no loot really.



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