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Spy addon issues

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  1. What is the name of the add-on you are trying to use? Spy. Yes it is up to date. 
  2. What are you trying to make it do? Work properly and move it. 
  3. Is something going wrong when you try to do it or do you not know how? Yes it's not 'pinging' the way it used to when enemies are nearby. It's not listing the enemies name as it used. And it has also placed itself right in the middle of the screen and it won't move. On CurseForge it says you can drag and drop and that used to be true before pre-patch but now it won't move. 
  4. Are you using any other add-ons that might be in conflict with this one? No I used it on its own as the only addon and still the problem persists. 

    EDIT: 30/10/22 There has been a Spy update and it now works fine as before. If a mod could delete this thread that's fine by me. Thanks.
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