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Build advice - lightning Mage

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Curious if anyone wants to look over this build and make any suggestions. All items are ancient or higher, gems all fully upgraded. Paragon 852. Torment XVI

Skills - arcane orb (spark), arcane torrent (static charge), meteor (thunder crash), blizzard (lightning storm), storm armor(shocking aspect), magic weapon (force weapon)

Passives- power hungry, dominance, paralysis, blur

Powers- deathwish, hergbrash's binding, wyrdward

Items- primal starfire (emerald gem), etched sigil, hellfire amulet (galvanizing wind passive, rank 78 LoD), Halo of Karini(rank 70 taeguk), nagelring (rank 81 wildebeest's gizzard), nilfurs boots, Harrington waistguard, st. Archew gage, mantle of channeling, aquila cuirass (3 topaz), Skelton's deceit (2 amethyst), ancient parthan defenders, leroics crown (amethyst)

Usually casual solo player but basically hold arcane torrent and let the build do the rest 


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