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Help regarding Boomkin DPS

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I'm in a 25HM team that is currently 10/14HM. Last week our team went through some big changes and a fair few people left due to making a guild with IRL friends etc.

So we're kind of rebuilding and I'm seeking some help with my DPS as Boomkin.

Øph Armoury - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmourne/%C3%98ph/advanced


I understand that I'm wearing a PvP belt, but it is better than Flex and I've just been really unlucky with belts -.-

NOTE: I haven't reforged/gemmed my OH or my Boots as I literally got them late last night after the raid. I usually am fully gemmed/enchanted. I just didn't have time after the raid was finished and this is the following way I enchant/gem through Mr Robot.

Hit Cap (15%) > Haste 10,289 > Crit etc etc

Log - http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/yAJF2G6BM9tWapQV#fight=14

This log includes 3 fights, with a lot of new players we are working with.

Things I can notice from looking at my logs is that I need to focus on DoT uptime more and also focus on Nature's Grace uptime. I'm just not sure where my DPS should be as I'm fairly new to Boomkin and am loving the spec.

I have recently changed to the Solar opener that is on this site.

Thanks for the help, if you would like any more info please let me know.

edit: haha Boomking typo

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I forgot to add that we are raiding again tonight (GMT+8) and because we have fairly low geared players again it most likely will be a lot of normal bosses. But I'll do logs on our progress tonight as well and update it on here to give some more info.


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With your ilvl and stats you should be doing ~300k dps on most of the fights (I'm comparing to myself, and I'm wayyy too far from pro). You did close to that on protectors, but protectors is the one fight where you should rock the charts.

And yup, as you said your dot uptime was too low, you want it higher, aswell as you only had 66% uptime on nature's grace, which was extreemely low. There are two things which you could have been doing wrong - dotting too much (or refreshing when not needed) and/or casting the wrong spell. You should practise this in LFR if you have time. This is the biggest thing.

And you kind of messed up your opener, with your gear and proper timing you could have done 1,2m~ dps w/o a problem. First I can see that you used HotW for some reason. Also you didn't precast Inc before pull and overall did quite a lot of mistakes.. 

How You should (correct me if I'm wrong) be doing:

before pull annoucement get to 75 solar power towards eclipse and plant mushrooms.

10 secs before pull Astral Communication to Eclipse.

4 secs before pull use mirror images if for some reason you got mage symbiosis.

3 secs before pull use Incarnation

2 secs before pull use starfall

1 sec before pull prepot and cast Starsurge.

PULL - blow up mushrooms

you can also cast solar beam to force procs.

CA and put DoT up.

[if it's protectors fight DoT every protector while using Shooting Stars (starsuge) procs]

Refresh Starfall when it ends.

Cast Starfire / use Starsurge procs.



As for gear - you need to upgrade (get better one or simply upgrade if you have free valor, but thats probably not the case) your immerseus trinket. Also you rly want to change your belt. If you're not too poor on gold you should buy http://www.wowhead.com/item=98609

Also one small thing is keeping your 4 piece set bonus, you want head from shammans and everything else - set pieces.

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Hi Pinkis, 

Thanks for the reply,

Yeah I thought I should be doing ~300k on most fights and more during fights like Protectors. I really think I'm spending too much time refreshing DoTs and not only that, refreshing DoTs that don't need to be refreshed yet.

I'm going to work on my opener and the DoT refreshing, with this I should be able to get my NGrace uptime % up.

With my gear yeah, I've been upgrading the pieces I could, I will upgrade Immer Trinket next, I'll see if I can switch out my pieces like the Head slot for our BiS, however due to a lot of ppl in our team needing gear this close to the expansion, I might not have the opportunity as much to do that. I also happen too not be that great in gold, so can't afford the belt, I'm just going to hope for a drop.

I have a raid tonight where we'll clear some more 25 SoO (Attendance boss pending) and I'll post some more logs of that. However it is likely to be 25 Norm for most of the rest tonight. I will add though I'll have no time to practice in LFR etc before raid as I finish work 30 mins prior to raid. But I'll do what I can to apply the changes.

I actually forgot about the Beam to proc trinks etc, I used to do that, it slipped my mind.

Thanks again.

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Don't ever commit yourself to "I should be doing this much DPS because I have such and such ilvl" - it's not only the absolute most pseudoscience way of evaluating yourself, but also entirely inaccurate as it ignores what actually gives you DPS (playing well) in favor of something that doesn't actually mean that much (itemization, which trinkets, etc., etc.).


Judging on a fight-by-fight basis is also silly. There are only two fights with pure single target - Iron Juggernaut and Malkorok. The rest of the fights have werid stuff that are either good or bad (usually awful) for boomkin DPS. As far as protectors goes, the difference between protectors and any other fight isn't that much. Our DoTs are week, and we can't always afford to spend all the time it takes to multi-DoT all three bosses due to the importance of cycling.


Don't worry about your gear. Gear comes with time. As long as you show up, gear will come in time. Skill only comes with work and learning. Gear is responsible for 10% of the amount your DPS will grow; the other 90% is skill. Your efforts should be focused at least with that same 90/10 toward skill more than gear. Things like a PvP belt are perfectly fine. It has crit. The only advantage of the BoE belt is being able to upgrade it for more int. Unless that belt is only like 2k gold, I wouldn't even bother. The difference between 548 and 588 for a PBI is not that huge. The amount your gear can upgrade you is tiny.


Unfortunately, Immerseus and Norushen are terrible fights to analyze, so I have to go with Protectors to look at your log. Sha/IJ/Nazgrim/Malkorok/Siegecrafter are better look at.


Here's what I'm seeing just looking at it. Of course we've said DoT uptimes can improve, but your damage breakdown is a little weird. Your DoT damage is really high, and the rest of your spells are really low excepting Starsurge. Multi-Dotting will make DoTs take up more of your damage and lower the Starfire/Wrath amount, but at the same time yours looks too shifted.


Your Nature's Grace uptime is 66%. That means you're pending WAY too much time on DoTs. You need to keep yourself cycling back-and-forth through eclipses as much as possible. You don't want NG to fall off if you can help it, especially not for longer than a second or two. 


Also, you made use of less than 60% of your Shooting Stars procs. Probably because you're focusing too much on DoTs. If you keep NG up, the DoTs you put up will be more effective, so you'll have roughly the same SS procs, but you'll get to use them more since you'll be wasting less GCDs on DoTs. Use Starfire and Wrath to cycle yourself when you're not getting SS procs. You have 15 seconds to use between Eclipses for NG. You get a little bit of wiggle room, but not a whole lot. You need about 75% to 80% of your casts to be single-target in order to cycle yourself properly. You can't keep two DoTs on three targets constantly and have a high uptime on NG.


More anomolies... don't use Glyph of Barkskin. It's a waste unless you're planning on getting meleed (and you shouldn't be). Even if you do get meleed, the odds of you getting crit are very small. It's a PvP glyph, and nothing else. Use Rebirth for that slot so you can battle res at full health.  Also, unless you're unable to be constantly DPSing (Immerseus, Galakras, Nazgrim if you don't power through Defensive), you should be using Heart of the Wild instead of Nature's Vigil.


Now, the opener. I'm against pre-casting Starsurge, because I think it's a lot of damage from procs and wasting Inc time. Before you're ready to pull, while you're eating, planting mushrooms under the boss, etc., you need to set yourself to 75 solar energy heading INTO solar eclipse. Once the pull timer goes out, put yourself into Solar Eclipse.


-2.0: Incarnation

-1.0: Starfall + Pre-pot

-0.1: Celestial Alignment, Berserking, Synapse Springs

0.0: Moonfire

0.1: Wild Mushroom: Detonate, Solar Beam (to force trinket procs)

1.0: Starsurge


At this point, Spam SS when proc'd, otherwise throw Moonfire at additional targets or Starfire, and make sure you refresh Moonfire on your primary at about 9.5 before all of your procs start falling off. 


The advantage of a boomkin is how quickly and how hard they open. On a short fight, 40% of your damage is in the first 30 seconds. On a long fight, it becomes less of a big deal. While your guild is still taking 9 minutes to kill a boss, your primary focus should be more on the rest of the fight than the opener. But, do give the opener some practice as well.

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