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What are the Wod Warprot's WeighStat ?

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I was wondering if anyone have made any simulation on SimC in order to get the Weight Stat for:


Armor / Str / Stamina / Crit / Haste / Multistrike / Versatility ?


I found but i am not sure if it is correct:


WDps (1.09) > Str (1) > Pa (0.96) > Crit (0.52) > Mult (0.48) > Vers (0.42) > Mast (0.40) > Hast (0.33)


But there is no Mastery Value on Loots from beta actually. And I did not know value for Armor and Stamina  


Also, I tried on Beta Gladiator stance but I did not understand its utility as it is less efficient than a Melee Spec. I mean on PVe Mythic I prefer go to Fury (or Arm) Spec than Gladiator one cause of DPS difference.


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I haven't simmed anything for prot on beta yet. Mostly I've just been playing around with it. Versatility really isn't great. It really just doesn't give enough to matter. Multistrike is rather interesting and can be quite useful on fights with DoT damage. Crit or crit/mastery is my goto as it gives a good amount of rage to play with in order to have god uptimes. Mastery/bonus armor have an interesting effect together since SBar scales first from AP, then from Resolve. So on fights where I need less frequent, but larger SBars, I go with mastery/bonus armor. If I need more frequent SBars, that combination hurts me because mastery only generates more rage when using SBlk. Haste is interesting, but not really something I'd see prot warriors going for. Maybe later in the expac, but not now. I'd put it above versatility in terms of usefulness, but below multistrike.

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