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WoW: What's Your Story?

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Blizzard today introduced a new feature called "What's Your Story". Random gameplay facts are pulled from your gameplay data to craft your character's personal story on Twitter!

Here's an example story posted by Qwik.

Placeholder for tweet 1588297774189219841

Blizzard Logo(Source)

It’s a big world out there, and you’ve been on many adventures helping the denizens of Azeroth, each one with a unique story. As the time draws near to spread our wings in Dragonflight, we want to help World of Warcraft’s stalwart adventurers tell their untold stories.

How many times did you get scorched to death in Zovaal’s Cauldron? Are you on D.E.H.T.A.’s most-wanted list for the untimely demise of hapless critters? Can you be considered a world-renowned collector of mounts and have the reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake to show for it?


To discover your own detailed journey through Azeroth, travel over to Twitter and tweet the following to @Warcraft using the #WarcraftStory hashtag:

  • Your character’s name
  • The realm your character adventures on
  • The region you play in (ex: US, EU)

We’ll gather all your information and craft a random adventure based on your heroic (and not-so-heroic) efforts throughout Azeroth for you to share.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive a #WarcraftStory for my Classic Characters?

  • Currently, #WarcraftStory only supports characters ready to adventure in the Dragon Isles. 

Can I receive multiple stories for the same character?

  • Yes! We recommend replying to your initial story with the same character information. You can receive another story for your character.

How many stories can I receive a day? 

  • Your Twitter handle can submit 20 stories a day. Alts, rejoice!

Why can’t my character be found? 

  • Check to see that the character name or realm is spelled correctly.
  • The character has been inactive. If this is your profile, try logging in and out of the character in the game client.
  • A realm transfer or faction change has impacted the character.
  • The character is below level 10 and thus cannot be displayed.
  • Your Battle.net account is set to private. Try logging in and checking your account settings > Privacy & Communication > and enable Game Data and Profile Privacy
  • The character may have been deleted.

Visit the official site to learn more about the Dragonflight expansion and prepare to take on new adventures in Azeroth!

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4 minutes ago, Bobbis said:

Any option to not have to make a twatter account?

You can ask someone that has it to post your chars and show you 😄

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5 hours ago, Bobbis said:

Any option to not have to make a twatter account?

I agree... I closed my Twitter's account when Musk took it.

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Nice feature, but too bad it's tied to Twitter as I never used it. They could have made this feature available through site.

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