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Long gone Rogue has some questions...

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As stated in the topic I had a long absence from the game. After the release of Wotlk i stopped playing WoW and recently got back into it. I´m going to go with Assassination, and yes, I´ve heard it´s not the current "go to" spec but I really don´t care. After looking through the several changes rogues in Azeroth have gone through since the Lich King I have some questions about some mechanics. I hope you guys can provide some answers:

1. Does Fan of Knives somehow profit from an active Envenom buff?
2. Do I get more energy from Venomous Wounds if I put Rupture on multiple targets?

3. Is Crimson Tempest really so bad no guide even does mention it on mt rotations?

4. Is there any revelance where to put weapons in, MH or OH?

5. Is feint still the go to damage mitigation skill it was before?

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1. Yes. Deadly Poison applications from Fan of Knives will increase with the Envenom buff.

2. Yes, each bleed calculates and contributes separately.

3. Crimson Tempest is unfortunately quite useless in PvE, as using Envenom to power up proceeding Fan of Knives casts overtakes Crimson Tempest damage.

4. Put the higher damage weapon in the main hand. Offhand attacks still get scaled down, so it's better to scale down the lesser weapon.

5. Feint is amazing and you should use it with reckless abandon. Grab the Elusiveness talent for even greater defensive results.

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