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Black Prince help.

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I have a couple of 90's but have never really bothered to try the Black Prince quest line due to its longevity until now.

I've gotten up to the 3000 Valor needed part but not so sure it's as cut and dry as it looks.

I read in a guide any pre existing Valor doesn't count towards it, is that correct as I already had 1100 up.

Secondly I also read I can spend that Valor along the way, I only have to had collected it for the end total.

I don't physically have to have 3000 in the bank upon quest completion, I just had to have had 3000 collected.

Is that correct?

I thought it was simple until I read the guide on WoWHead then it just got confusing.

Thanks for any help.

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The 3k valor is not retroactive, no.  It takes 3 weeks worth of valor capping to complete, and any that you gain is counted.  You can spend any amount you like along the way.

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