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[Frost] WoD 2set and its absurd power

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Good day fellow mages,


The time is coming where we will progress once more. And during progress there is loot to be distributed. But who get's what?
This post concerns the power of our 2set bonus and our 4set bonus. 


I will not be using Simcraft for this approach. This is essentially the short way of understanding how much of an increase in power we can expect from getting our 2set and 4set bonus.


2set: During the duration of Frozen Orb all your Ice Lances benefit from the fingers of Frost effect. 


What does this mean. Assume you get into your burst with 2 FoF procs. Previously what you did was spawn focusing crystal, wait 0.5 seconds for it to spawn (if you insta cast Frost Bomb it casts it on maintarget), use Ice Lance once on the crystal, Frozen Orb and then Ice lance till you don't have any procs left. 

So: 10seconds of Crystal - 0.5s spawn time =9.5 seconds
9.5 seconds - 1.5 Cast Frost Bomb = 8 seconds

1.5 Cast Ice lance = 6.5 seconds
1.5 cast Frozen Orb = 5 seconds
1.5 cast Ice Lance = 3.5 seconds
1.5 cast Ice Lance = 2 seconds

2s cast Frostbolt = 0 seconds


Here things are subject to RNG, but in a worst case scenario you will not have any procs of BF, and you are definatelly not going to have any procs of FoF.
So the only remaining choice is Frostbolt, but knowing that Frostbolt has a 2 second cast time and a travel time (in addition to latency and possible movement), you would benefit more from casting your next spell to the boss. 


So what is the gain from out 2set in this. The first will come down to a slight alteration in playstyle with an increasing gain over the course of the encounter. 


10seconds of Crystal - 0.5s spawn time =9.5 seconds
9.5 seconds - 1.5 Cast Frozen Orb = 8 seconds

1.5 Cast Frost Bomb = 6.5 seconds
1.5 cast Ice Lance = 5 seconds
1.5 cast Ice Lance = 3.5 seconds
1.5 cast Ice Lance = 2 seconds

1.5 cast ice Lance = 0.5 seconds


1.5 cast Ice Lance = -1 seconds

1.5 cast Ice Lance = -3.5 seconds

So at 0 haste we have the next gain: 1 more IL on the Frost Bomb + PC, two additional ticks of Frozen Orb on the PC(as you can now enter this PC phase with 0 FoF charges) and 1 IL charge banked on you for after the end of the PC effect. You can either use that IL or keep it for later use in combination with a Frost Bomb. (this changes with 4 set but we'll come to it later). 

This is at 0 Haste. At increasing amounts of Haste, when you might be able to fit more Ice lances onto the PC + Frostbomb the value of our 2set increases as well. 


So what actual damage do we do in each situation? Let's take the simplest of situations where you have 5000 spellpower and 0 of each secondary stat. 

I will be using a spreadsheet that is currently in development by a fellow mage Nathyiel and me to calculate Damage values.


FoF-IL Damage: 13568

Frostbolt Damage: 6750

BF-FFB Damage: 13922


Frost Bomb Damage per cast of Ice Lance

1 cast: 150% * 5000 = 7500

2 casts: 15000

3 casts: 22500

4 casts: 30000


Frost Bomb Cleaves

1 cast: 75% * 5000 = 3750

2 casts: 7500

3 casts: 11250

4 casts: 15000

Frozen Orb ticks:

1 tick: 38.325%*5000 = 1916

2 ticks: 3832

3 ticks: 5748

4 ticks: 7664

5 ticks: 9580

6 ticks: 11496

7 ticks: 13412

8 ticks: 15328

9 ticks: 17244

10 ticks: 19160


Without 2set at 0 Haste:


3 casts of IL on Frost Bomb, 5 ticks of Frozen Orb (if you insta casted it and stood near the crystal) and 3 Frost Bomb Cleaves and 3 Ice lance cleaves (glyph OP)


As such: (3 x 13568 + 22500 + 9580)*1.30 + 11250 + 0.50 * 13568 * 3 = 126221




With the 2set at 0 Haste:


8 ticks of Frozen Orb, 4 Ice Lances on PC and on Frost Bomb, 4 Frost Bomb Cleaves, 2 Ice Lances out of PC


(4 x 13568 + 15328 + 30000)*1.30 + 15000 + 4 x 13568 * 0.5 = 171616


So in the short Burst window that we have every one minute we gained 171616/126221 = 1.36 = 36% Increase in damage. 

The uptime of this windows is every 10s out of every 60 so 10/60 = 0.17% 
36% * 17% = 0.0612 =  6% Increase over 1 minute. 

This however disregards:

The fact that due to bad RNG you could be spamming Frostbolts for another 4 seconds after the PC ended, rather than casting 2 FoF Ice Lances.


The fact that this creates smoother gameplay where you do not have to swap away from the crystal 2 seconds before it's ending due to travel times.


The fact that you now can use your water jet right after the 2 Ice lances after the crystal and not have to bother with setting it up before hand to have 2 Ice Lances when entering the phase.


More Instants = Easier to handle fight mechanics = MOAR DEEPS.


The fact that at some haste breakpoints you will be able to cast an additional Ice lance. 


When all is said and done the 2set is very very powerful in single target situations. The truth is that when you have multiple targets, Frozen Orb is going to be hitting so many targets you won't even notice the difference most of the time.  What it does do though is that the sometimes you would had noticed it otherwise... well you won't anymore. 


2.So what if we consider the IV Haste buff.

with 30% Haste: GCD: 1.5/1.3 = 1.15 seconds.

30% Haste without 2set



10seconds of Crystal - 0.5s spawn time =9.5 seconds
9.5 seconds - 1.15 Cast Frost Bomb = 8.35 seconds

Cast Ice lance = 7.2 seconds
cast Frozen Orb = 6.05 seconds
cast Ice Lance = 4.9 seconds
cast Ice Lance = 3.75 seconds

cast Brain Freeze = 2.6 seconds                assume best case scenario of 2 BF procs

cast Brain Freeze = 1.45 seconds



This is the best best best best case scenario where you have 2 BF procs beforehand. You can cast Frostbolt if you don't have these 2 BF procs but that is not going to do the most damage. So let's compare best case vs worst case scenario of 2 set (there isn't any).


Damage done:

3 Casts of Ice Lance, 3 procs of Frost Bomb on PC, 3 Cleaves of Frost Bomb, 3 Cleaves of Ice Lance, 2 BF on PC.


(3*13568 + 2*13922 + 22500 + 6*1916) * 1.30 + 11250 + 3*13568*0.5 = 129632


So this is a roughly 3k increase from 0% Haste to 30% Haste (essentially either IV or ridiculous amounts of gear).


2set at 30% Haste




10seconds of Crystal - 0.5s spawn time =9.5 seconds
9.5 seconds - 1.15 Cast Frozen Orb = 8.35 seconds

Cast Frost Bomb = 7.2 seconds
cast Ice Lance = 6.05 seconds
cast Ice Lance = 4.9 seconds
cast Ice Lance = 3.75 seconds

cast Ice Lance = 2.6 seconds                

cast Ice Lance = 1.45 seconds

cast Ice Lance = 0.3 seconds


cast Ice Lance = -0.85 seconds


The only way you can fail at this scenario is if you have incredibly high latency and you don't manage to hit the boss at the last 0.3 second window. But for the sake of argumentation let's assume that it hits.

Damage Done:


6 FoF-IL on PC, 6 Frost Bomb explosions, 8 ticks of Frozen Orb, 6 FoF-IL cleaves, 6 Frost Bomb Cleaves. 


(6*13568 + 6*7500 + 8*1916)*1.30 + 3*7500 + 3*13568 = 247460


If we compare our damage gain now: 247460/129632 = 1.91 = 91% damage increase.


Multiply this again by 17%


0.17*0.91 = 0.1547 = 16% damage (and thus dps) increase. 

Keep in mind that this is assuming you can reach 30% haste or this is a description of the damage gain of the 2set per 3 minutes (effect of Icy Veins).


So this has been a fairly extensive post (which will be continued) describing how extremely powerful our 2set is going to be. 

Hope this gives people a look at what awaits in Warlords!


Pay your Master Looter to get your 2set first <3


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