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Loremaster Phasing Issues

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I have completed everything required for Loremaster, except Ashenvale. Here, more specifically in Zoram'gar Outpost/Strand, I get some weird phasing bug where when I go further out towards the water where my quest objectives are, they vanish. Poof, gone.
The questgivers are all still in the Outpost, its seems to be when I move from the Zoram'gar Outpost zone to Zoram'gar Strand zone.

This is keeping me from completing Loremaster. I've googled like a maniac and found nothing of value. There was someone talking about Darkshore phasing etc, but neither Teldrassil-painting-phase or Teldrassil-big stump-phase changes the problem.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Is there a weird hidden Zidormi sneaking around in Ashenvale?

Obviously I've tried to report it to Blizz, but they just put the ticket as "resolved" and doesn't provide any info.

Please help. I have attached a short clip on what it looks like, I hope the Imgur link works:

Have a good evening,

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I just had the same issue.  turned out there was three little quests for the end of questline from Battle for Azeroth it wanted me to finish, that was causing the phasing. 

it was the "Tyrande's Ascension Storyline" and i picked up the tree i needed straight out on a boat at 11,18 in Zoram Strand

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