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Player Makes Chart of Days /Played Per Character, Others Join In

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There's been many times a game's length has been a topic of discussion, from 12 hour campaigns to the "long" 100+ hour RPG all-in playtimes, but none can really match MMOs, and especially WoW with its 18 year longevity. And so we come to the "local" Azerothian topic of playtime, that is charged with both pride and maybe a little regret as well.

Hargroth made a visual representation of the days they spent on each of their characters, and of course the thread quickly filled up with other players commenting on their time spent with WoW as well.

That 446 days may seem high or low to you, depending on your own playtime, but there were plenty in the thread that exceeded it, and by a lot. Now mind you, obviously there's the whole "what % of that time was actually spent AFK/waiting for a mount rare to spawn etc, and there are some crazy (and un-confirmable) numbers in there - especially this first three, that add up to about 5 hours played per day, since launch!

1556 days on my mage. 178 this xpac...  - Fated_Wind
Mine is inflated from a ton of afk time due to my job for a long time(full time caregiver for a parent, so home nearly all the time but had to afk a lot). But the results are ~1620 days, probably a bit more overall but I had deleted my original Paladin at one point for some reason. Highest on one class is my Priest at 195 days, lowest is Warlock at 53 days. Started right before BC pre-patch, took off all of MoP and half of WoD. - Dolgare
Started in Wotlk, 1633 days My main has 1304 days - Friberg
According to Altoholic, my total play time on my account is 1,439 days. - Alayea
I went over all my characters a month ago or so, and I averaged on 4,5 hour per day since I started playing in 2005. In total I played...
1216 days - Old-Lab-8418
Almost the same here: 1225 days, 10 hours
Current main is 232 days, longest used character is 434 days.
I'm now 33 years old, which means roughly 12000 days.

I've literally spent more than 10% of my life playing wow.
If we only count the time since wow was released, that's about 20% of all the time since launch.
If we then only count the time I've been awake: since the launch of WoW, I've spent ~28% of my waking hours playing it. For 18 years.
what the fuck lmao - Genoce
446 days since 2005? Bruh I have 400 days on one toon I started in Legion. - kroneksix
765 days on my warlock who has been my main since vanilla. I also have alts of every spec leveled but didn't check there times. - GrapefruitThis2493
About 850 days or so on my main. 113 days where in Legion, 281days where in bfa and currently at 281 days in Shadowlands as Well. I am too lazy to count all my 60 characters’ played time, but I think I surpassed the 1k mark. - Walocial
My main has always been druid and I have well over 600 played on that and multiple other characters above 100 days from over the years. And I haven't done the /played since 600 days in Legion . I haven't played a ton since but I'm still scared to look - Jet_smoke
Around 4 years in-game since cataclysm start - relomen
Around 440d ive last checked. About 250d of that were played in the time of Vanilla. Warrior and Shaman each like 80d. Newer characters only have about 10d played. Good old school times with zero responsibilities i guess ? - Abyser
1722 total across all my hours. Most of that on my Monk and Hunter. Pretty cool graphic you got there OP, what'd you use to make that? - WrenchTheGoblin
571 days played.
Largest chunk is on my paladin who was my main for vanilla and BC at 136 days.
Second place is split between my NE DK that I played through Wrath at 106 days and my goblin DK that I played through Cataclysm at 27 days for a combined 133 days. Third place is my monk main from MoP & WoD at 78 days. Fourth is my rogue main from Legion and BFA 46 days. I played a Demon Hunter for Shadowlands who only clocked 14 days (I quit a few months into the expansion and only just came back a few weeks ago). I'm going to main a warlock for Dragonflight who is sitting at an adorable 1 day 10 hours played so far. - tenehemia
377 days played 370 of them all for my rogue ? - Spartan_Arktorus
my hunter has sat afk in org reading /2 for 1100 days - TheFerret
None of your business, stop asking so many questions! - Bgrum

Interestingly, these are all just retail number as Classic is an entirely separate client, and it's been going for a while now, so presumably some of these numbers are even higher if the players ae also playing Classic as well.

If you want to check your own playtime across all your alts, you can install the Altoholic addon which can count it all up for you (although you'll have to log in to each alt for it to register). Unfortunately the chart was manually made in excel so you'll have to work a bit if you want that one.

And of course, if you want, you can share those numbers in the comments below (if you dare).

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I'm feeling like a rookie here, as I stopped hardcore playing around mid WotLK and am now sitting on a pathetic 300 day "main" (which hasn't been played since Wrath) and a bunch of 30-50ish day alts i go through each expansion...

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According to Altoholic's current count for my account.. which may be missing some chars n such, it's coming in at 1564 days, with longest being a gnome warrior on 200 days, that I stopped playing when Shadowlands hit, and had been left alone for most of BfA <.<

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