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45 Bugs in Dragonflight Talent Trees

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Rextroy deep dives into the new talent trees and shares 45 bugs he discovered in the Dragonflight pre-patch. His latest video focuses on Plate wearers.

Originally, Rextroy planned a video for every class, but that would be too time-consuming, so he went for armor types and the first one focuses on Plate wearers with a total of 45 bugs. 

Short Description of All Bugs

Retribution Paladin:

  1. Sanctified Ground can be permanent, works through talent change
  2. Crusade damage boost works without avenging wrath
  3. Ashes to Ashes weird tooltip

Protection Paladin:

  1. Avenger's Shield procs precognition
  2. Blessed Hammer DMG reduction not working
  3. Inner Light DMG not working
  4. Inspiring Vanguard only gives 2% BASE strength
  5. Bastion of Light consumes Divine Purpose
  6. Sentinel duration is reduced with Aura of Reckoning procs
  7. Gift of the Golden Valkyr doesn't work with Guardian of the Forgotten Queen PvP talent
  8. Bulwark of Righteous fury tooltip range / radius bug
  9. Moment of Glory only counts auto hits

Holy Paladin:

  1. Glimmer of Light is inconsistent
  2. Divine Resonance stops working if you use it offensively, then have no target (screws over mouseover healing)
  3. Avenging Crusader works worse than intended

General Paladin:

  1. Seal of Order gives a bigger boost to Blessing of Dawn than intended
  2. Aspiration of Divinity stacks, not overlaps
  3. Obduracy speed has diminishing returns, probably avoidance too

Blood Death Knight:

  1. Voracious somehow makes the minimum heal of death strike become 37% stronger, not 15% like tooltip says.
  2. Tightened Grasp debuff is 10% damage increase, not 5% like tooltip says.

Unholy Death Knight:

  1. Coil of Devastation doesn't work in Arena
  2. Unholy Aura second point doesn't benefit pets other than main pet
  3. Viscera does less damage than intended
  4. Life and Death does not work on all healing

Frost Death Knight:

  1. Frost fever makes you stuck in combat sometimes

General Death Knight:

  1. Insidious Chill INCREASES the enemy attack speed, not decrease it.
  2. Unholy Bond makes hysteria only give 23 runic power, not 24 (also doesn't work with Razorice on hit damage)

Protection Warrior:

  1. Unnerving Focus doesn't benefit many rage gainers
  2. Brace for impact tooltip is misleading, its not 25% more damage blocked, more like 10%
  3. Enduring Alacrity only gives 3.4% armor instead of 5%
  4. Dance of Death duration increase doesn't work?
  5. Battle-Scarred Veteran has no cooldown tooltip

Fury Warrior:

  1. Reckless Abandon empowered raging blow doesn't work with Battle Trance PvP talent
  2. Recklessness doesn't benefit onslaught
  3. Tenderize doesn't specify slaughtering strikes as requirement

Arms Warrior:

  1. Warlord's Torment recklessness doesn't benefit Bloodsurge
  2. Sweeping Strike doesn't reduce rend damage done to secondary targets Dance of Death stops working when you change sub zone.

Overall Oversights:

  1. Hammer of the Righteous is inferior to Blessed Hammer, but they are a choice node
  2. Touch of Light scaling probably bugged or very bad
  3. Razorice scaling outdated? Based on weapon dmg
  4. Apocalypse DK enchant very undertuned
  5. Death Pact is "useless" at high dampening or healing reduction
  6. Some % based heals doesn't scale with versa (Indomitable) but some does?
  7. Storm of Steel damage reduction but no CD reduction?

The video showcasing all 45 bugs is nearly 21 minutes long.

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And that's only for 3 classes. The real beta started when they released the pre-patch on live servers. Blizzard has been doing that for 3 expansions now, we just started the 4th one. We pay to beta test their expansions live.

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3 hours ago, mtmf said:

And that's only for 3 classes. The real beta started when they released the pre-patch on live servers. Blizzard has been doing that for 3 expansions now, we just started the 4th one. We pay to beta test their expansions live.

There are many Bugs resolved and there will be many more Bugs to come its pretty normal that not every bug gets resolved before Live tbh if you can do it better Send you Working application to blizzard it seems they need to recruit you.

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21 minutes ago, Selika said:

There are many Bugs resolved and there will be many more Bugs to come its pretty normal that not every bug gets resolved before Live tbh if you can do it better Send you Working application to blizzard it seems they need to recruit you.

Blizz did better before beta was a PR stunt and they half derriered everything out the door.

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Uncommon Patron

Many...if not all...of these bugs are not something most players would recognize during beta. Only someone purposely looking for them...like Rextroy...would find them.

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Rextroy has the uncanny ability to look between the lines on character building.  He's done it alot on his Paladin during Legion, BFA, and did do some work on some alternative characters during SL.  I'm not angry at the man just impressed that he puts in more time per build, per class, per specialization on his Characters than the average player does on a day or even on a weekly basis.  

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