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Players Losing All gear and Bag Items on Login, Receiving Old Achievements, Free Timewalking Badges, Anniversary Packages and More

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Something strange has been going on in the last day or so, as quite a few players have been getting some good but also some very bad news. First off we have the good but still weird part, as players have been receiving many achievements they had already gotten, with some even re-triggering their mail rewards, including old Anniversary packages:

Context: I noticed a bunch of old achivements re-triggered all of a sudden on my vanilla made druid. When I checked the mailbox, this is what I saw. - B1ackMagix
Same here. For me it was a lot if Mists stuff I had already done. There was also four separate anniversary xp boosts, not complaining. - Riff_Moranis
Same but I got a slightly different assortment of items. 15th and 16th anniversary boxes, the water walking mount equipment and some empty mail about currency conversion. At least I got 400 free timewalking badges from it. - Icebane08

So far, so good as those extra XP boosts and badges can't hurt, but some players had a bit of a cost to these free mails and many achievements re-triggering:

Yah this happened to a random alt of mine, also. Other characters were fine but my DH was stripped and bags gone/emptied. - RiskStrange3200
Same problem as me. I noticed 2 of my characters with the problem, went back to a few that didn't and now they are getting it. Basically any character (addons disabled) or not, it's happening suddenly when 10 seconds earlier it was fine when I checked. Clearly it's a massive bug as I'm reading a few others now getting it. Hopefully it's fixed tomorrow when the servers reset. - thats_so_cringe_bro
Same thing happened to me. I was livid when I saw my ticket was closed within 2 hours of submitting it - hapaplays
Same thing happened to me last night! Thank god on my old character.
I logged into check a BC reputation, looked at my character sheet (full of old epics), lookedi n my bags (full of old epics), looked at my bank (had 4 bags and some old gear). Looked at my reps and logged out.
Then realized I should check my other reps, logged directly back in and was butt naked, no bags, everything gone from bank... I laughed, but if that was my main I would not be happy. - 1K_Games

Now, it seems that the situation above is temporary as some players got all their gear and bag items back just by waiting a few hours. There are also things you can try to do to get them back faster:

Had similar issue where couple of my bags and half my gear disappeared. The first fix in this link helped. Get a bag, equip it and relog https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/165246 - domewzor
Equipping a bag and logging out might work. I have the same problem and said in a previous post that buying one from the AH (cheapest one) and equipping it worked (had to log out a few times) but mailing a bag to the character and equipping it hasn't worked. And it has been a few hours. So I don't know why the AH ones worked but mailing a bag to a character isn't. I also tried logging onto other alts and now they are having the problem. I decided not to mess with it anymore and just wait for the server reset soon. Maybe that will fix it. If not I'll have to just keep equipping bags I guess. lol - thats_so_cringe_bro

Hopefully this gets resolved for everyone affected, and for those that received their old anniversary packages or even timewalking badges all over again - enjoy!

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Uncommon Patron
6 hours ago, Baharok said:

Some good old Old God stuff going on ehehehe

blizz should celebrate it with a bronze event where we go paste all OldGod sites for current loot iLvl (or even better timewarped to self's best) - lots of those are dungeons but some aren't - 

Azeroth you sneaky lil Titan, making sure us mortals notice you.

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4 hours ago, Madyrn said:

Random issues pop up all the time when patches go out. It's nothing new.

No this many, i never experienced what is happening right now...

  • Haha 1

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23 hours ago, MiNiGiANT said:

No this many, i never experienced what is happening right now...

Lol. Gets said every xpac. I've been around since vanilla and nothing has changed. It's the nature of software and patches.

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