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The Story So Far: Take Wing Through Time with the Dragon Aspects

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Blizzard have compiled a summary of all the relevant history of the dragon Aspects just in time for the Dragonflight launch next week, so if you aren't familiar with everything draconic going on or just need a refresher, dive in below! 

Blizzard LogoLore (Source)

Soar through the history of the dragon Aspects to a time before the Dragon Isles awaken.

Imbued with titan-bestowed powers and charged with protecting Azeroth, the dragon Aspects have worked tirelessly to fulfill their ancient destiny. Theirs is a history of betrayal, corruption, and a fight for the very survival of their legacy.

The Rise of the Aspects

When the titans were ordering Azeroth, they needed a more delicate hand to combat the agents of the Old Gods. Due to their colossal forms, Aggramar feared the Pantheon would irreparably damage or even kill the world-soul. He proposed creating powerful constructs to act as the Pantheon's hands and prosecute their will against the Black Empire.

The Pantheon members imbued their servants with their specific likenesses and powers to lead the rest of the titan-forged. They called these empowered beings "keepers." One titan, Aggramar, imparted his strength and courage to Keeper Tyr, who would become the greatest warrior of the titan-forged. In time, the keepers led the titan-forged against the armies of the Black Empire.

In the far north of ancient Kalimdor, the proto-dragon Galakrond had been the largest and most effective predator. Eventually, he would succumb to corruption and began to devour his own kind.

Tyr knew that if Galakrond remained unchecked, he would devour all nature, spreading his affliction to the far corners of Azeroth. He warned his fellow keepers of what he had seen, but they wouldn't act. So he searched for a means to destroy the giant proto-dragon and his fetid minions.

Dragon Aspect Leaders

The answer lay with five of the greatest and most intelligent proto-dragons: Alexstrasza, Malygos, Neltharion, Nozdormu, and Ysera. Impressed with how they worked together to survive Galakrond's attacks, Tyr reached out to Malygos. Under Tyr's guidance, the proto-dragons warred with Galakrond.

"I have watched you. I have watched the others. I see much potential in you, in these friends of yours...and I say that as someone who has watched many of your kind since the first of you began to stir toward self-consciousness." - Tyr

Tyr requested that these five proto-dragons be imbued with powers to guard Azeroth's lands. Keeper Odyn challenged the idea. Despite their heroism, Odyn only saw the dragons as primitive life forms. He felt that only the mighty titan-forged could be trusted to protect the world. The other keepers were not easily swayed by Odyn, and the proto-dragons were transformed into the Aspects—leaders of the dragonflights and guardians of Azeroth. Odyn, believing the dragons would fail, left to build his own group of warriors, the Valarjar.

Alexstrasza, The Life-Binder

Also known as the Dragon Queen and Aspect of the red dragonflight. Alexstrasza was empowered by Eonar to act as guardian of all life. As Dragon Queen, Alexstrasza served as the leader of the Aspects, bringing them together in times of great need. In order to defeat Deathwing, Alexstrasza and the rest of the Aspects sacrificed much of their power.


Also known as the Timeless One, Guardian of Time, Murozond. Aspect of the bronze dragonflight, Nozdormu was empowered by Aman'Thul to safeguard time itself and police the ever-spinning pathways of fate and destiny. When Deathwing was defeated, Nozdormu lost much of his power along with the rest of the Aspects. Nozdormu foresaw his eventual fall to corruption, becoming the leader of the Infinite Dragonflight. As Murozond, this future self ultimately fell to adventurers in the End Time.

Neltharion, The Earth-Warder (former)

Aspect of the black dragonflight . After being driven mad by the Old Gods, he took the name Deathwing the Destroyer. Failing in his goal to enslave the other dragonflights, he aimed to bring about the Hour of Twilight, the unmaking of all creation. Though he possessed the power to shatter the world, in the end, he fought alone, facing his fellow Aspects and their allies. He fell from the skies into the Maelstrom, destroyed by the Dragon Soul and the champions of Azeroth.

Malygos, Aspect of Magic

Aspect of the blue dragonflight. He was empowered with the essence of Norgannon to serve as the guardian of magic and hidden arcanum. Malygos and his mate Sindragosa ruled the blue dragonflight until the War of the Ancients, when the crazed Deathwing used the Dragon Soul to wipe out most of the flight, leaving only Malygos and precious few eggs left. Malygos was killed after declaring war on all mortal spellcasters in the Nexus War, leaving Kalecgos to lead the blue dragonlfight in his wake.

Ysera, The Dreamer (former)

Also known as The Awakened and Aspect of the green dragonflight. Alexstrasza's younger sister, Ysera, was chosen by Eonar to watch over the growing wilds of the world from the Emerald Dream. Ysera fell to the Nightmare in Legion and was put to rest by Tyrande Whisperwind. Her soul arrived in the afterlife called Ardenweald, where she was restored by the intervention of the Winter Queen. Ysera's essence remains bound to the Shadowlands, leaving her daughter Merithra to guide the green dragonflight.

Tyr's Sacrifice

Loken, a keeper falling to an Old God's influence, began working toward the downfall of the other keepers. Tyr suspected darkness was growing within the fallen keeper, so he and his companions stole the discs of Norgannon to preserve the vital knowledge they contained. When Loken discovered the discs were missing, he turned to the only creatures he knew were powerful enough to stop the mighty Tyr—ancient C'Thraxxi monstrosities. He ordered the colossal abominations to kill Tyr and all who followed him.

Far to the south, the C'Thraxxi overtook the fleeing keepers and their followers in a tranquil and temperate glade. Fearing for his allies' lives, Tyr ordered Archaedas and Ironaya to lead the rest of the titan-forged farther south. Meanwhile, he would hold off the C'Thraxxi for as long as possible.

The violent struggle between the lone keeper and the C'Thraxxi raged for six days and nights. As fatigue set in, Tyr resolved to sacrifice himself to protect his friends. He unleashed his remaining power on the C'Thraxxi, expending his life force in a blinding explosion of arcane energy that shook the world to the core.

Archaedas and Ironaya watched as the eruption of magic flared across the horizon. After the volatile energies subsided, the two titan-forged returned to the site of the battle. Within a giant crater crackling with arcane magic, there lay Tyr's lifeless body.

In honor of her fallen comrade, Ironaya named the glade surrounding the crater "Tyr's Fall," which in the vrykul tongue translated to "Tirisfal." She and her followers buried Tyr where he lay and placed Tyr's massive silver hand atop his final resting place to memorialize his valiant sacrifice.

The Sting of Betrayal

With the fall of Tyr, the Aspects were blinded to the darkness slowly growing within their midst. The tendrils of Old Gods corruption had tightened the hold on Neltharion the Earth-Warder.

With the guidance of the Old Gods, Neltharion would devise a way to enslave the other dragonflights to usher forth the Hour of Twilight and the unmaking of all creation. The moment when the Old Gods could finally be free from their imprisonment, but he needed help.

When the armies of the Burning Legion began an invasion of Azeroth, Neltharion suggested creating a magical artifact to aid in destroying the demons. He asked the other Aspects to help craft it; each Aspect would contribute a portion of their essence to the artifact.

Neltharion brought the Dragon Soul to bear against the Legion, devastating the demonic swarm. But in his corruption, Neltharion, once the Earth-Warder and protector of Azeroth, became Deathwing the Destroyer. He would shock his fellow Aspects as he turned the Dragon Soul against them. His betrayal cut deep as he turned on his own kind. The shocked dragons were helpless to resist the power of the deadly artifact, for it contained a fraction of each of their essences. All the dragonflights, save the black dragonflight, were paralyzed.

But Deathwing's doom would eventually come.

Forged by Deathwing during the War of the Ancients, the Dragon Soul harnessed the combined power of the dragonflights until it was ultimately destroyed. Through the Caverns of Time, Thrall and the remaining dragonflights recovered the powerful artifact before its destruction. Now they have rallied at Wyrmrest Temple in a desperate attempt to use the might of the Dragon Soul against Deathwing himself.

Wyrmrest Temple was the final hope for the forces allied against Deathwing the Destroyer. Here, the remaining aspects— Alexstrasza, Ysera, Nozdormu, and Kalecgos, along with their ally Thrall, would gather to empower the Dragon Soul—Azeroth's last chance to stop the great behemoth. But, as they began to charge the Dragon Soul with energy, Deathwing and his entire army assaulted Wyrmrest Temple.

Eventually, with the help of allies, the remaining Aspects would sunder Deathwing, and he would fall from the skies into the Maelstrom.

The Aftermath

In the coming years, the pain of Neltharion's betrayal would cut deeper than any could imagine. His betrayal was so destructive that the five dragonflights never truly recovered. The flights were left listless and could no longer protect Azeroth, and the blue dragonflight was all but destroyed. Their sacrifice was apparent as they were now made mortal.

The Birth of the Dracthyr

The dracthyr were created in the ancient past by Neltharion, the Earth-Warder, to serve as soldiers. He combined the essence of dragons with the adaptability of the mortal races. They would train off the coast of the Dragon Isles on an island known as the Forbidden Reach. After a terrible battle, the island would lie abandoned until an ancient enemy awakens the fiercest of warriors, unlike any Azeroth has seen.

Eyes on the Horizon

After returning to the Dragon Isles, Queen Alexstrasza has learned of another disc locked away within Uldaman... one that holds the memories of Tyr himself. Believing this knowledge is needed to restore the power of the Aspects, Alexstrasza has asked her mortal allies to brave the perils of Uldaman and recover Tyr's memories to secure the future of dragonkind. However, there are others among dragonkind that do not want Alexstrasza's plans to succeed.

The story continues in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight and Azeroth's heroes must heed the call to aid Alexstrasza in rebuilding the kingdom and reclaiming the legacy of the dragons.

To learn more about Dragonlfight, visit Dragonflight.blizzard.com and soar to WorldofWarcraft.com/news for updates.

See you on the Dragon Isles!

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34 minutes ago, Prophet001 said:

Is this stuff all going to be explained in the expansion or do we have to watch these videos to get the lore?

Probably will be some recaps ingame but I doubt they'll cover everything, they never really do. And who knows when danuser will decided to retcon everything mentioned here like he did in SL?

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1 hour ago, Q said:

Probably will be some recaps ingame but I doubt they'll cover everything, they never really do. And who knows when danuser will decided to retcon everything mentioned here like he did in SL?

There is already something which could be considered a retcon. Deathwing called for powers of the Old Gods to defeat (but somehow to not kill) Raszageth, this wasn't in the old lore and seems like a rather weak reason for his corruption. Unless it was already ongoing, but that video mentioned like it happened for the first time. But to be fair, Raszageth didn't exist in lore before.

Another example of a plot hole - what if any of previous enemies had won? Would the Dragon Isles remain hidden and Dracthyr kept sleeping? Anyway, a lot of this stuff written in post above will likely remain as a side story, not explained in game.

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4 hours ago, Arcling said:

There is already something which could be considered a retcon. Deathwing called for powers of the Old Gods to defeat (but somehow to not kill) Raszageth, this wasn't in the old lore and seems like a rather weak reason for his corruption. Unless it was already ongoing, but that video mentioned like it happened for the first time. But to be fair, Raszageth didn't exist in lore before.

Another example of a plot hole - what if any of previous enemies had won? Would the Dragon Isles remain hidden and Dracthyr kept sleeping? Anyway, a lot of this stuff written in post above will likely remain as a side story, not explained in game.

I'm willing to accept the reason for Deathwing's corruption if only because there's never been a stated reason aside from "Old Gods corrupt things because void" and it doesn't really change the context of what he did afterwards, unlike the many events Zo'vaal apparently influenced, only the moment of his corruption is being given context that was previously missing.

I think that would depend on too many factors to determine since we've faced many enemies over the course of the game and of many differing factions and all that. Maybe the dracthyr would remain asleep, maybe the Dragon Isles would've remained hidden but maybe not and I doubt we'll ever truly get an official answer either but, like you mentioned, it'll likely all be relegated to side content or just never mentioned.

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On 11/23/2022 at 4:14 PM, Cham79 said:

People mass confusing 'retcon' when nothing in the lore is being replaced

They aren't, not every remark about lore is wrong. Also replacement isn't the only form of retcon, inconsistency is another one when something introduced later on is in contradiction with some previous events.

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15 hours ago, Arcling said:

They aren't, not every remark about lore is wrong.

Also replacement isn't the only form of retcon, inconsistency is another one when something introduced later on is in contradiction with some previous events.

I think it's much fairer to say that the community exaggerates the amount of retconning in the game than the actual retconning itself.

Can you give a couple of examples of either replacements or contradictions of some previous events in the lore? I really don't think there's many but maybe i'm totally wrong.

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7 hours ago, Cham79 said:

Can you give a couple of examples of either replacements or contradictions of some previous events in the lore? I really don't think there's many but maybe i'm totally wrong.

I think most of them are obvious and if I were to list everything the list would have been too long.

Sylvanas' motivations have been very inconsistent, even more so if we count books. She lied in her own thoughts about winning the war, as it turned out it was all to bring more souls to The Maw. Before that, she wanted to save Forsaken, but then she didn't, her will was her own, but then it wasn't, then again it was stated that it sort of blended together and she wasn't sure which were her own thoughts and which were a result of Jailer's manipulation.

Jailer being behind most of important events was a retcon itself. Origin of Frostmourne (originally Dreadlords forged it, changed into Runecarver), Kel'Thuzad's allegiance to Jailer all this time (in contradiction to previous lore when Ner'zhul called him to Northrend and it was his doing, plus KT also fought Dreadlords, who were supposedly on the same side as they all have served the Jailer). Then there are retcons to appearances and origins of various races like Taunka being an offshoot of Tauren (later changed to Tauren and Taunka as races descended from Yaungol) and Orcs (clan backstory and appearances, Shattered Hand weren't pale orcs in old lore, similar to Blackrock and Dragonmaw being black as coal). Old Gods were their own "bosses", later changed to being servants of the Void Lords. Dreadlords were demons serving the Burning Legion, they even had their own homeworld of planet Nathreza, changed into exiled/corrupted stoneborn from Shadowlands who were in the service of the Jailer and Denathrius. Even with dragons there were some retcons, like that short story with Chromie where she picked her humanoid visage and dragons always celebrated their chosen visage (this contradicts previous lore, where they simply assumed different forms whenever they see fit, including deception or to hide their presence, there was no chosen form or any celebration related to it). These are just few examples, if you want more there is WoWpedia with a list of them.

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Warrior Arms [With weekly restarts] Mortal Strike’s damage is no longer reduced by 30% in PvP combat. [With weekly restarts] Sharpened Blades now increases critical strike damage by 5% in PvP combat (was 10%). [With weekly restarts] Martial Prowess now increases Mortal Strike’s damage by 15% per stack in PvP combat (was 30%). [With weekly restarts] Execute damage increased by 20% in PvP combat (Arms only). [With weekly restarts] Rend damage reduced by 15% in PvP combat (Arms only). Developers’ note: We’re looking to increase Mortal Strike’s consistent damage while keeping its burst potential in line through targeted adjustments to its modifiers. We’re also reducing Rend’s damage in PvP as Skullsplitter has been a culprit for one-shots. War Mode
      Bloody Tokens from honorable kills are no longer awarded while in a raid. Developers’ Note: We are happy to see awarding Bloody Tokens from player kills in the open world has had positive reception. However, we’ve seen some behavior going against the spirit of the game, particularly forming full raid groups to farm the currency rather than through organic PvP encounters in the open world. Bloody Tokens are still awarded for honorable kills in the open world when a player is in a party, but not in a raid group. Professions
      Skill ranges indicated by Mining and Herbalism gathering journals now accurately reflect the leveling experience. Alchemy Alchemical Experimentation has been re-enabled. Blacksmithing Grekka Anvilsmash (Master Blacksmith) now correctly offers Blacksmithing Knowledge instead of Mining Knowledge. Engineering Tinker’s Workbench and Portable Tinker’s Workbench are now also considered Anvils. Fishing Fixed an issue where full Fishing Nets in River Mouth Fishing Hole occasionally disappearing. Quests
      Adventure Mode Fixed an issue where the campaign quest indicators were not appearing properly for quests in Ohn’ahran Plains and Thaldraszus. The Azure Span Fixed an issue where quest rewards could be unavailable for some players turning in “For Imbu!” Ohn’ahran Plains Fixed an issue where the first four quests of Thunderspine dailies were erroneously removing all items from player’s inventory and bank upon completion. Thaldraszus Abandoning the Horde or Alliance versions of the quest “Deathwingurlugull!” while in the plane will now result in the player being teleported back to the quest givers. Reputation
      Cobalt Assembly Leech stacks now capped at 5. User Interface and Accessibility
      The icon for Siege on Dragonbane Keep now disappears when it is no longer available due to already being completed.
    • By Staff
      Here's an unexpected turn: Blizzard have reversed their decision from a few hours ago and will no longer be turning some semi-weekly world quests into daily ones, after a lot of player feedback of not wanting to feel forced to do daily quests.
      World Quests (Source)
      Upon further review and consideration, we’ve decided to drop this change at this time.
      All along, our goal has been to avoid making World Quests feel mandatory, while still offering them as a worthwhile option for players who are looking for things to do on a given day.
      Following your feedback here and our own internal discussions, we’re going to try to find other ways to accomplish that without impacting crafting too much or generating a great deal of concern for those who don’t already have a daily routine or want a daily routine.
      Thank you.
    • By Staff
      World Quests associated with the four major Dragonflight factions will reset daily instead of semi-weekly with this week's maintenance.
      With scheduled weekly maintenance tomorrow, we’re making a change that we’ve seen a lot of feedback from players about.
      Many World Quests associated with the Valdrakken Accord, Iskaara Tuskarr, and Dragonscale Expedition factions will now reset daily (was semi-weekly). The Maruuk Centaur, who have regular hunts and a nomadic camp full of periodic quests, will continue to offer their World Quests on a semi-weekly cadence.
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