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Resto Druid Performance updates?

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Hey there I was curious. I haven't really seen much here about how it's going, how the spell priority was lookign or changing, are druids still strong as they appeared at first in the beta and what krazy or any of the other druids are thinking specifically about the level 100's, cast times, movement, etc?


Just looking forward to seeing what you are doing, thanks!

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I moved this to the Druid forums.


And, I personally haven't seen any major changes from he first iterations of beta.


Basically, you still want to rejuv as a small filler, with healing touches in between, use swiftmend for the healing component or for SotF (SotF and Tree form are pretty competitive right now), only WG when there are 10+ targets that need healing (70%~ or less)


Wild growth is going to be the main difference.  Its not smart any more.  It will do on someone with 90% HP while there are 11 other people with less than 50%.  So you need to try to maximize when you're using wild growth to avoid overhealing with it as it costs a ridiculous amount of mana


Also, mushroom you can'[t have down 100% realistically. It costs a decent amount of mana to put down and move so timing of your mushroom is going to be important for mana management.

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