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Assassination Rogue - Race & Profession - Dragonflight

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Hello fellow Rogues,

I was born as a Rogue just a day ago, so please excuse me if something is represented wrong.

As a baby rogue that will eventually survive to grow up, I wanted to know what would be the best race for me and what profession I would love to have as I develop in this world. The goal of mine is to combine the experience of PvE+PvP by playing assassination specification. 

So far as a race I see most viable option in Humans race as they are coming with

*Increased Haste, Critical Strike, Mastery and Versatility

*Additional reputation gains

*Trinket to get out of though situations


As a covenant I was born with Night Fae since they are giving me good burst potential and more movement possibilities to engage/disengage when it's needed to be done. However Night Fae's are going to be around just for the sake of memories once we travel through Dragonflight but I thought it's worth mentioning.


So far so good, if Human is the right choice of mine than we are going to the professions where I got really lost to be honest. The more I read -  the  more I got confused about what I want to focus on. The fair point I can give and probably orientate you is that I was considering Jewelcrafting and Alchemy ( side note: I can support the materials by alt characters )  so I can benefit both from potions and gems in order to get the tip of advantage by doing them by myself. A friend of mine recommended me Skinning & Leatherworking so I can craft some gear. So depending on the source the most beneficial professions about Rogues are different.


So what do u think about all that fellow Rogues? I would love to read some in-depth arguments what and why I would want to go along with, keeping in mind I love to keep the balance of a PvE+PvP on the same specification.


Going back in Stealth,


Echo Guild since 2012

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