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Disc priest on Sha of pride10hc, need advice.

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I am a bit unsure of what t6 talent to use, I've been bouncing between halo and divine star. I just can't figure out which of those 2 are the most efficient.

I also tend to oom a lot more on hc, i might not be managing up-time on rapture good enough.


I tried using spirit shell on every sweling pride, along with AA.


Barrier seems inefficient because of being spread out so much, so i am not sure when to use that one.


Here is a log of our last night run: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Wzrg38cVKHM6nvYG#type=healing&source=4&boss=1604&wipes=1


Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Jitskii/simple



Edit: Sorry for typos and grammar errors, english is not my main language.

Edit2: added armory link

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Your third talent row boils down to whether you want dps or mana. Under ideal circumstances, Solace offer the equivalent to 2.4k spirit more then mindbender would do.


If you're running 10m, why spread out? It's much easier on the healers to stack up and only leave the stack when soaking rifts. DS and Halo are pretty equal on this fight, if stacked up. DS will provide more overall healing, whereas Halo is great to top everyone up after every Swelling pride.


I also tend to oom a lot more on hc, i might not be managing up-time on rapture good enough.

That's probably more to do with several factors. Just looking at your longest attempt, you only used mindbender 5 times out of a possible 7. That and excessive use of PWS when it isn't proccing Rapture will quickly drain your mana.


Some things I saw in the logs:

One thing that's duly worth noting is that you're casting penance far too little. 51 ticks in 7 minutes low when you should be closer to 18 a minute, or 126 in 7 minutes. Relatedly you could've used HF 42 times in the same period, but only cast 12.


Your PoM also healed an average 2.4 targets on that fight and 2.5 in general. That usually means it's cast at times where it won't jump around and will be an effective waste of mana considering Smite would have done a similar amount of healing for less mana.


Average AA uptime for all wipes is 30.5%. That figure should be much closer to 50% and preferably above it.

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You can use Barrier on the first/second swelling pride, then it should be up for the sub-30 swelling pride. not everyone should be in it, 2-3 should suffice, even using it specifically for yourself is better than not using it at all. Don't force your raid member to join in the Barrier, else they'll complain as if you're telling them to click lightwells. Just give them a notice, "Barrier's up, come in if you need it." 


You're not using Pain Suppression at all. Generally, if you're wiping and not using this button, then you're doing something wrong.


I personally use Cascade for this fight. If you can coordinate your raid to stack then Divine Star is the choice. And Halo if you're having problems with Swelling pride (which you shouldn't because of Spirit Shell). Cascade really shines sub-30 in my experience.


Your first mindbender usage is way too late, you should be using it 20-30seconds in. This way you can get another cast in without having too much over-mana-regen.


The PW:S abundance is probably reasoned for using it on people with Mar of Arrogance. You can always try switching stance then use PW:S considering there isn't really much damage anyways, they're all predictable. Otherwise it definitely feels like you're over-doing the spell too much.


If you're still running out of mana try having less uptime on AA. You would get a higher uptime on Evangelism(5) which nets more efficient use of mana. Looks like you're only using it for Spirit Shell, which is pretty low anyways.


Your ToF uptime falls near the end of the fight (pretty good elsewhere). Using Penance on cd should be way more than enough when he's sub-35. If anything, you can use Shadow Word: Pain for almost 30seconds of ToF uptime.


One more thing, you should be using Prayer of Healing more often sub30. Prayer of Healing is your only spam-able AoE-healiing spell. Just make sure you dodge the rift-bolts. You should still be using Penance and PoM on cd.


P.S.  Looks like you're a PW:S spammer for AoE healing, NOT good.




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