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mr robot making me a bit confused

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so i recently started doing raids abit more than just casual so its time to step up a bit and i will prob haunt u gyus with questions.

I have for a long time been reading your rly fine work here, helping ppl out but since i havent been doing hc i havent rly got the opportunity to test it myself.


Now i have and boy do i need to work on stuff sad.png


I got som upgrades and was running mrrobot and i dont understand why it wants me to reforge the crit to haste and even into haste where there is no crit.


i have default checked so should favour crit imo.


here is my mrrobot stats




is there a balance between crit/haste that its trying to fullfill?


i have started loggin my raid with warcraftlogs and will post l8r questions about improvements, now im just so trying to grasp stuff so its rly no use.

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The Bindings of Immerseus trinket messes with AMR's weightings because it artifically inflates the value of Haste and Mastery via the amplification effect.


Thus whichever option you select, it will always default to Mastery > Haste > Crit.


If you want to run higher Crit, just manually enter the value of Haste to be at least a point below Crit and it will work.




If you want to run my preferred balanced set up, set a Haste soft cap of 10437 and dump the rest into Crit. 




Just hit "Optimise" when you load those profiles and you will see.

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