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Helping some Guildies out

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So, I am running a few flexes with my guild, helping them gear up and get better at their rotation, whatever that may be for priests, as I don't have one at max lvl.  Flex 3 is tomorrow, so if you need/want/prefer a malkorok parse, that will come tomorrow.  

Today's Log, you can safely ignore Norushen and Sha, as I didn't upload those from my normal run earlier.


Priest 1 (Poornstar)

Priest 2 (Lightkeeper) This one may be in disc gear, but he does run disc on a few fights, so if someone could look over that as well, that'd be great.



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Hi There,


Following info for Poornstar based off the Iron Jugg Log.


1. DoT Uptimes

Dots are resonably good in the 90% uptime area but 100% is better :P


2. Insanity

You are not casting MFI and taking advantage of the full duration from the DP



This graph shows that you are casting MFI after the DP but that you are having MFI finish and not recasting while there is still a tick left of DP to gain another full MFI due to snapshotting.

This will give you more single target.


3. Mind Blast

6+ min fight 360 seconds = max theoretical 45 Mind blasts. So reasonably you could expect 40 MB. You have 32 casts of MB. You could say that its not great but ok. The only thing is you also had 20 Divine insight procs (resets the CD and makes it instant cast) so really you should have had above 45  mind blasts for the fight. There are time when you are holding the procs and at times not even use them at all. MUST MUST MUST use these procs.


Work on that for now :)


Happy Killing

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